Expungements & Sealing

Sealing or Expungement of Criminal Records In certain circumstances, expungement, or sealing of criminal records, is obtainable if your case was resolved by dismissal or without formal conviction. Contact my office to learn whether you qualify to have your records sealed or expunged.

Expungement gives you the right to deny ever having been arrested or charged with a crime in most circumstances. In an initial consultation, we will begin to help you determine whether you qualify for a physical destruction of all records - or to have your records sealed and put out of reach.

If you are considering seeking an expungement, you need to be completely candid with your Orlando expungement attorney, to avoid wasting your money on a lost cause.

Normally, only one expungement is obtainable in a lifetime. If one conviction occurred before the age of majority, two may be possible: one as a juvenile, and one as an adult. Avoid having to explain your arrest over and over the rest of your life - despite the fact that your case was dismissed. Make the necessary investment to pursue expungement with the assistance of our dedicated team of board-certified criminal defense lawyers.

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