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Computer crimes: real crimes need a real defense

Florida readers know the internet plays a significant role in various aspects of life, and this technology is beneficial in many ways. However, not everyone uses the internet and computers appropriately. In fact, computer crimes can be quite serious and lead to life-altering consequences if convicted of any type of computer and internet crimes.

Overbilling could lead to charges for health care fraud

More than likely, you would rather focus on your practice as a physician than worry about the management of your practice. You employ others to handle those tasks for you. However, if you fail to oversee on your billing, you could find yourself under investigation or even arrested for health care fraud.

Understanding identity theft charges

Florida readers know identity theft is a type of white collar crime, and individuals convicted of this type of crime could face serious legal repercussions. If you find you are facing these charges, it can be helpful to understand more about these types of charges and how you can build a strong defense to shield your interests.

Compounding pharmacies and kickback schemes

Compounding pharmacies are receiving a lot of attention in Florida, and not all of it is good. In fact, you have likely read recent news headlines about criminal charges for those allegedly involved in fraudulent acts using prescriptions for compounded drugs. Because you work in the health care industry, you may even have concerns about how this relates to you.

Elements of a drug possession charge

When faced with a criminal charge, you may feel that consequences are just around the corner. However, there are many aspects to a criminal case that could impact the outcomes. In fact, you may not even face consequences if the prosecution is not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the allegations. This information may help you feel more at ease as your case moves forward.

What does it mean to face charges of Medicare fraud?

Criminal charges of any kind can have a significant impact on your life. If convicted, the penalties you could face may include time behind bars, fines and other consequences. It is imperative to confront criminal charges, no matter the type or the nature of the case against you. If you are facing charges of fraud, such as Medicare fraud, you do not have to deal with it alone.

Lack of permit could lead to weapons charges

As a strong supporter of the right to bear arms, you may own multiple firearms. Though you understand that gun safety should remain the most important factor in relation to owning such weapons, you likely also know that you need to follow certain legal stipulations in order to legally own and carry a firearm. If you hope to avoid an unexpected criminal charge, you may want to ensure that you have the proper permits.

Charged with embezzlement? Here is what that means for you

Criminal charges are scary. You know that there is a lot at stake when you are facing any type of charge, and it can be useful to know what to expect in order to build an effective defense. This is also true of white-collar crimes, even though many people may underestimate the serious nature of these types of crimes.

Fighting allegations of income tax fraud

Allegations of any type of criminal activity are a serious threat to your personal freedom and virtually every other area of your life. It is critically important to take these matters seriously, especially if there are federal charges at stake. People often misunderstand the true nature of their situation when under investigation for seemingly benign matters, such as tax fraud or other white collar crimes.

Have you been accused of medical device fraud?

Working in the medical field can come with many stress factors and expectations. You certainly want to ensure that you perform the duties of your profession to the best of your ability in the hope of helping your patients. At the same time, however, you may also struggle to meet certain expectations when it comes to following particular standards. You may easily find yourself working to determine what course of action may best suit a situation and wonder what impact it could have on you.

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