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Drug Possession Archives

Approach to federal drug prosecution may change

Whenever administrations change, may they be presidential or otherwise, it is very likely that the new administration will have a different approach or strategy than the previous one. That's a not-so-veiled comment about the current political climate in our country, but politics aside, the sentiment does hold true. Now, why do we bring this up on criminal defense blog?

The details of drug cases are crucial

One of the stereotypes about drug charges is that "they're all the same." Every drug offender is "the same." The cases proceed in "the same" way. The people who read about these cases think "the same" way about the alleged perpetrators: more poignantly that they are probably guilty even though the person alleged to have committed the crime has his or her presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

How drug possession charges can be very punishing

With the movement for decriminalizing marijuana gaining a lot of steam -- as many states pass laws that limit penalties on or even make possession legal for, marijuana -- it may seem as though a drug possession charge isn't that big of a deal anymore. To the contrary, drug possession charges are still very serious matters that need to be handled just as seriously. Otherwise, the accused could be dealing with severe punishment.

The many ways a drug charge can punish you

At Lindsey & Ferry, P.A., we take pride in representing a wide range of people who have been accused of a wide range of drug charges. We will advocate on behalf of our clients and work hard to present the best case possible. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that their questions are answered and they feel secure in the direction their case is going. Drug charges are very serious, and we respect that at Lindsey & Ferry and do as much as we possibly can for our clients.

Destruction of evidence leads to dismissal of drug cases

While the following story didn't occur here in Orlando, Florida, it does show that even when a drug case seems to be destined to put away the people who are accused of the offense, a simple procedural mistake on the part of the police or prosecution can change the future.

The rights granted to you by a Miranda warning

You have many rights as someone who is accused of a crime. It is easy to forget this, because the way criminal charges are handled in the media, there is a heavy implication of guilt and plenty of anger aimed towards the defendant -- even though he or she is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Report: marijuana legalization does not increase use among teens

If you have been arrested for a drug offense or know someone who has, there is a very real possibility that the illicit drug involved was marijuana. Despite growing acceptance of marijuana use, laws that decriminalize possession and the potential reclassification of marijuana as a Schedule II drug, it remains an illegal drug on the federal level and in states like Florida.

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