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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Loss of driving privileges can be hard after a DUI

When you are facing drunk driving charges, one of the biggest things that you have to think about is how you are going to continue doing daily life tasks without a driver's license. This is a major change from what you might be accustomed to, so you do need to spend some time planning.

First-time DUIs can lead to costly legal troubles

Many things can lead to a person driving while they are intoxicated, but Florida law doesn't have exceptions for the legal limit of .08 percent for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for people who are operating motor vehicles. Since 2004, this has been the limit, so most drivers are familiar with it already. What some might not know is that there is also another limit to know. You can face enhanced penalties if you have a BAC of .15 percent or higher.

Reasons officers might conduct a drunk driving traffic stop

Police officers have a duty to try to keep the streets safe. Spotting drunk drivers and getting them off the road is one way they can do this. In order to conduct a traffic stop for the suspicion of drunk driving, the officer has to have reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver is impaired.

Beware of having a few drinks during the game and driving home

In a recent blog post, we discussed the case of the man who is being returned to Florida from Ireland to face criminal charges for an accident that claimed the life of a passenger in his Maserati. Authorities noted that the man was intoxicated when the accident occurred. His case brings up an important point – you can't just ignore drunk driving charges and think that they will go away. We are here to help you address these charges.

Man being brought to Florida from Ireland after DUI accident

A man was involved in an alleged drunk driving accident in Florida. He was 23 years old and he had a 22-year-old woman in the car with him. The Maserati went out of control, hitting a pole and a fence and then rolling after leaving the road.

Middle school teacher facing DUI charges

A middle school teacher in Florida has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and arrested. Though the legal limit in Florida is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent, authorities claim that his BAC came in at 0.263 percent, which would put him more than three times higher.

Alcohol addiction can lead to drunk driving

People often act like those who drive under the influence are choosing to do so without any outside factors that play a role in their decisions. The reality, though, is that addiction can be a significant factor that may even lead them to make choices that they know are dangerous and that they later regret.

The holidays are a common time for Florida DUI arrests

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are all about celebrating the holidays. From company holiday parties to family get-togethers, there is plenty of partying to go around. Law enforcement knows this, which is why the holidays see an increase in DUI arrests in Florida and elsewhere.

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