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Sex Offenses Archives

US DOJ: Sex offenders have low recidivism rates

There is a misconception out there that people who are registered sex offenders are extremely likely to commit a crime again. This recidivism rate has been touted to be as high as 80 percent. In fact, the Supreme Court of the United States cited this statistic in a 2002 case that involved the many restrictions placed on sex offenders.

Analyzing solicitation charges in a criminal context

Solicitation in a criminal context means that you declare your intent to do something. You may encourage or demand that a certain criminal act is done. This constitutes solicitation, and you often hear it used in the context of a prostitution charge. Solicitation is also used in the context of online solicitation.

A world without internet is impossible to imagine now

The internet has become a fundamental element of everyday life, so much so that it is hard to remember life without it. How did you meet up with friends before you had cellphones and texting connected on a 4G or WiFi network? Where did you get your information before there was Wikipedia and Google? How did you stay in touch with your friends and family that lived so far away?

Dealing with the consequences of false rape allegations

Sexual assault is among the most sensitive and difficult charges of which a person can be accused. Not only is the nature of these crimes particularly troubling, but oftentimes the case boils down to one person's word against another's.

Man arrested following alleged assault at Florida nightclub

The relationship between two people is often complex, filled with emotional highs and lows. However, violence in a relationship is relatively rare. Unfortunately, one man was recently arrested after the alleged assault of a woman he knows at a Florida nightclub.

Sex crime investigations can be botched

No one can talk about sex offenses and sexually-based crimes without acknowledging the severity of the incident in question. The victim has been harmed and is dealing with some serious trauma. The accused is in a very difficult legal situation, one that could put him or her behind bars and living with severe punishment for years afterwards. The incident itself is wrought with emotional anguish and despicable acts. These area things that are simply part of any case involving a sexually-based crime.

FBI's hacking powers expanded

The FBI's job is to find and arrest people who break federal laws. But there are some civil liberties advocates who say the bureau is getting dangerously close to violating Americans' rights -- and sometimes crossing the line in its efforts to track down people suspected of downloading and distributing child pornography.

Discussing sexual assault and its many penalties

Sexual assault charges, by their very nature, are inflammatory and upsetting. When people hear about such charges in the news, they are likely to feel a wave of anger and grief on behalf of the victim. This is normal and understandable. Sexual assault charges are very serious, and cases that involve sexual assault need to be properly handled and fully investigated.

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