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Posts tagged "Drug Sales & Distribution"

Sessions vows to get 'criminals with guns off the streets'

"We need to take criminals with guns off the streets," said newly-confirmed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions at a recent presentation for state, local and federal law enforcement officials. "We need to put bad people behind bars."

Will Florida expand drug laws to increase punishment?

Florida law already makes a concession for cocaine and heroin suppliers to be charged for murder if their drugs are involved in a drug overdose death. This law does not expand to drug peddlers or low-level drug dealers currently. But with a new legislative session upon us in the state of Florida, that rule may be expanded to include such lower-level individuals.

Officers alter crime scene, arrested for tampering with evidence

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post about an evidence vault exploding in a freak incident that is now under investigation. The explosion ruined evidence in a number of cases which are no being reviewed. The cases may not be able to proceed without the evidence.

Evidence vault hit by explosion, cases hang in the balance

An interesting story from up the coast has caught the eye of many in the criminal defense world. An evidence vault at a Washington D.C. police station was the site of an explosion that "significantly" damaged 150 packets of evidence out of the 52,000 that were there. Officials still aren't sure at this time what caused the explosion, but an investigation has been launched. One person was injured in the explosion. Officials are coordinating with prosecutors to determine if cases have been undermined as a result of the lost evidence.

Found cocaine leads to fisherman on brink of lifetime in jail

You may not have heard the story of Thomas Zachary Breeding before, but it is a cautionary tale about drug charges and proactively protecting yourself in difficult legal situations. Breeding was a fisherman who had run-ins with the law before his infamous moment in 2016.

Numerous charges for man accused of selling drugs near school

A man from Cape Coral, Florida was arrested on drug charges recently after a SWAT raid executed a search warrant of his premises, turning up numerous drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in money stashed around the house. The man is being held on $180,000 bond at the Lee County Jail.

Florida’s fight against synthetic drug derivatives

Even before the war on drugs began in the early 1970s, the same cycle has played out countless times. A new synthetic drug appears and gains popularity among drug users. This leads to increased visibility and notoriety among the wider public, often due to a dramatic news story.

Felony drug charges for 16-year-old high school student

To the north of the city of Orlando is Sanford, Florida, the location where the source story for our blog post occurred. A 16-year-old high school student was arrested on felony drug distribution charges after he sold a "weed gummy" to a girl at his school. The girl started feeling sick after she had the gummy, which prompted the school to look into the situation and, eventually the police as well. That led to the 16-year-old's arrest and the decision to press charges against him.

Penalties are severe for prescription drug charges

When you hear the phrase "drug charges," you probably conjure up images of the highest level narcotics and illegal substances. Heroin, cocaine, LSD: these are substances that have always ranked high on the list for the Drug Enforcement Agency, and when someone is caught in possession of these substances or caught selling these substances, the consequences can be quite severe.

Florida passes medical marijuana measure

The presidency wasn't the only thing on the line on Nov. 8 in the state of Florida. We also had a vote for legalizing medical marijuana, an initiative that passed with a resounding 71 percent of the ballots cast in favor of the measure. The measure will give the state control over dispensaries and marijuana will still be illegal to grow for personal use. How possession of medical marijuana will work and other complexities and details about the law are still being determined.

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