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Officers alter crime scene, arrested for tampering with evidence

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post about an evidence vault exploding in a freak incident that is now under investigation. The explosion ruined evidence in a number of cases which are no being reviewed. The cases may not be able to proceed without the evidence.

Evidence vault hit by explosion, cases hang in the balance

An interesting story from up the coast has caught the eye of many in the criminal defense world. An evidence vault at a Washington D.C. police station was the site of an explosion that "significantly" damaged 150 packets of evidence out of the 52,000 that were there. Officials still aren't sure at this time what caused the explosion, but an investigation has been launched. One person was injured in the explosion. Officials are coordinating with prosecutors to determine if cases have been undermined as a result of the lost evidence.

Sex stings in Florida: Controversy over tactics, reporting

Being convicted of a sexually-related offense can do untold damage to a person's life. In some cases, a person could spend the rest of his or her life in prison or bound by the restrictions of the sex offender registry. Even those who are convicted of minor offenses can live for years with the stigma of a sex crime conviction.

Dozens arrested in Florida during federal sex trafficking sweep

Facing any type of criminal charge can be a truly upsetting experience. People can be looking at prison time, enormous fines, probation and a destroyed career and family if they are convicted. However, if these charges stem from an incident involving a sex crime, such as prostitution or child pornography, there can be additional penalties and even harsher treatment.

Charged with a sex crime in Florida? What you need to know

There is no doubt that facing criminal charges stemming from alleged sexual misconduct with a minor can be a traumatic and frightening experience. Many people who end up in this situation are first-time offenders who have no idea what to expect, what their rights are or how they might be able to defend themselves.

Police make 71 arrests after 5-year child porn investigation

There are a lot of perceptions that people have in regards to different crimes. When it comes to criminal sexual conduct, for example, there is a definite stigma that goes along with that. Members of the public and media often make their assumptions known, but law enforcement agents are expected to respect every person's rights and enforce the laws fairly. However, there have been many cases when a person's civil rights are violated in the pursuit of a criminal conviction. This can add to the already-long list of challenges that a person accused of sexual misconduct in Florida can face.

Man cleared of sexual misconduct charges

Allegations of sexual abuse or molestation should be taken very seriously by anyone facing charges. These cases are often very sensitive and can involve some uncomfortable or unflattering accounts, which is why they are generally handled by experienced attorneys. People who are accused of sex crimes in Florida should remember that although defending against these claims can be difficult, it can be crucial in order to avoid the harsh sentences that can be handed down in these cases.

Florida man arrested for pornographic tweets

Twitter is a popular site for people to send out 140-character messages to anyone who follows them. However, not everyone is familiar with what is and is not private on this and other social networking sites. They also may not know that they can get in some very serious trouble if any of the information they share on these platforms is illegal.

Charges dismissed against man facing 8 felonies for sex crimes

Being under investigation for criminal misconduct in Florida can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Authorities will often look into phone records, speak to witnesses and seize items like computers and cameras in an attempt to determine whether there is enough evidence to arrest someone.

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