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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Florida woman accused of erratic drunken behavior

Drunken driving is rarely a good idea, but if a driver does get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is always wise to avoid acting out towards the officer on the scene. A Florida woman recently learned this lesson the hard way and now faces charges after some allegedly salacious behavior during a DUI stop.

Underage drunk driving charges and license suspension

Here in Florida, the law takes drinking and driving very seriously, especially for those who are not old enough to legally consume alcohol at all. If a person under 21 years of age drinks and drives, he or she may forfeit driving privileges for a significant amount of time. If you or someone you love recently received underage DUI charges, it is important to build a strong defense as soon as possible to recover driving privileges and protect your other rights.

What is pretrial diversion?

Just because you receive criminal charges does not mean you necessarily have to receive a conviction or even undergo a trial at all. While it is not always obtainable, prosecutors generally retain the power to offer a suspect a pretrial diversion, which allows a suspect to make up for alleged defenses without undergoing a criminal trial or receiving a conviction.

Country music singer arrested for DUI in drive-through

When a person makes a mistake, it is important to face one's community and make amends, in addition to facing any resulting legal consequences. While determining the most effective way to address a particular community may take some careful consideration, not everyone understands just how valuable a well-timed and executed public apology is.

Is a pocket breathalyzer reliable?

As technology continues to evolve, the capabilities of consumer-level devices sometimes grow in interesting directions. One particularly interesting and potentially dangerous device making waves in the market right now is the personal breathalyzer. On its face, such a device is a slam dunk innovation that helps keep everyone safer on the road. However, the reality of situation is a little more complicated.

Are you sure you're ok to drive? Maybe not.

As an adult, one of the most difficult decisions that many of us face on a regular basis is the question of whether or not we can safely drive after having a drink. While numerous public safety announcements attempt to frighten us as schoolchildren into thinking that drinking and driving would lead to certain death, the reality of the matter is far more nuanced. After all, the body can process alcohol over time, and the effects of drinking come on slowly and then recede over time.

What factors may affect the accuracy of a Breathalyzer test?

Drinking and driving are activities that simply should not go together, considering the enormous risk that drunk driving poses to the safety of the driver and others on the road. However, it is still important to fight any drunk driving charges that you receive, to ensure that that your rights remain secure and that the prosecution does not unfairly punish you because you didn't put up a fight.

Drunk driver receives life in prison

Drunk driving is always a very risky choice, and one that not only places the driver in danger, but also many other drivers and passengers on the road, or even pedestrians near a road. Drunk driving is also not confined strictly to consumer vehicles, but may include large commercial machinery as well.

Can I seal or expunge my DUI record?

There are many ways to fight drunk driving charges if you receive them, but you must be sure you consider all the options before you take action in a way that may not best serve your interests or protect your freedoms. In many cases, an experienced attorney can identify a strong strategy a driver can use to defend against DUI charges. However, in some instances, defeating the charges completely is simply not a viable option. If you believe that your DUI charges are a slam-dunk conviction, is there still any action you can take to protect yourself?

How do I reinstate my license after my first DUI?

If you just received your first DUI charge, you must consider how a conviction could affect your day-to-day life.One of the most common issues for those convicted of a DUI is the restriction placed on driving after a conviction. Even for first-time offenders, it is possible to lose driving privileges for anywhere from 180 days to a full year from the date of the conviction.

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