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Protecting against identity theft in Florida

Today's digital world makes it much easier for criminals to steal various facets of your personal information. With so much done on the internet criminals have new ways to prey on victims. Paying bills online, ordering food online, shopping online and social media accounts can all be hacked, leading to your personal information being stolen. Here's how you can protect your identity so it is not stolen by criminals in Orlando.

Listing the types of recognized internet crimes

The internet has been around for a couple of decades now and people are finding different ways to take advantage of it. By "taking advantage of it," we mean the many ways people can commit different crimes using the internet. There is a long list of internet crimes that are recognized by different law enforcement agencies in Florida and across the country. Let's take a look at some of those crimes in this post.

Explaining the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Technology continues to change at an incredible pace. Since the internet was invented, we've seen a major shift in the way businesses, schools, the emergency services and individuals operate. As technology continues to adapt and change to our lives, so too does the criminal code that regulates it. This code is known as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which was enacted in 1986.

Accused of violating the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act?

Mortgage fraud is a very serious offense that can result in severe financial penalties even criminal charges. If you or someone you love faces mortgage fraud charges, or suspect you may soon, it is important to fully understand which laws you potentially violated so that you can build a strong defense and clear up the matter as soon as possible.

Explaining Florida identity theft laws and penalties

Identity theft is one of the more serious crimes out there. Too often people find that their identities have been stolen. Sometimes, they learn that it was perpetrated by someone they know. It can be overwhelming to hear of all the data breaches on the news, but there are ways you can protect yourself. Let's take a look at the laws on the books and the penalties associated with identity theft in Florida.

White collar charges and the right to remain silent

Most people understand that they have the right to remain silent when officers of the law ask them questions, but it is not always easy to understand how exactly one invokes his or her Fifth Amendment right to silence. If a suspect waits too long to invoke this right, he or she may accidentally say something that alters the course of an investigation, incriminating them.

Woman faces jail time for alleged Social Security scam

It is fair and true to say that understanding the details of the Social Security system, but violating the terms of receiving benefits is not a wise time to fain ignorance, as one woman learned when she recently received jail time awaiting sentencing for receiving Social Security benefits on behalf of her now-dead grandparents.

Avoiding insider trading accusations

Insider trading has become little more than a catchphrase in popular use over the last couple of decades. While many people generally recognize that insider trading is frowned up on or illegal, few people understand how they would actually avoid accusations of insider trading if they were confronted with an opportunity. While the world of investing is often convoluted and difficult to navigate, some basic rules can help people assess their actions and keep themselves safe while trading.

What counts as securities fraud?

Securities fraud is a certain kind of white collar financial crime that includes a number of illegal activities. One of the most common types of securities fraud is insider trading, although it is not the only type of securities fraud. In very broad strokes, securities fraud involves a person using proprietary or private information to make financial deals possible, or who misrepresents financial information for personal or unethical gain.

Former congresswoman received jail time for fraud

As we gaze back on the year that was 2017, few common themes stand out as prevalently as the public's appetite for digging up dirt on figures of power and success and turning the tables on them. In many cases, the figures went before the court of public opinion and lost before they ever set foot in an actual courtroom.

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