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What factors may affect the accuracy of a Breathalyzer test?

Drinking and driving are activities that simply should not go together, considering the enormous risk that drunk driving poses to the safety of the driver and others on the road. However, it is still important to fight any drunk driving charges that you receive, to ensure that that your rights remain secure and that the prosecution does not unfairly punish you because you didn't put up a fight.

When an officer stops you in the field on suspicion of drunk driving, the officer may use a number of tests to determine whether or not you are actually under the influence. Depending on the actions that the officer takes as he or she administers the test, you may have opportunities to challenge the accuracy or the administration of the test itself.

Respond to fraud allegations very carefully

If you face fraud allegations, you may feel enormous pressure to come out swinging in order to defend yourself. This an understandable response, but may not prove as effective as you might hope. In fact, your response to fraud allegations can greatly impact the outcome of criminal or civil fraud charges.

No matter what the charges concern, you deserve an experienced and professional counselor at the helm of your defense. With proper counsel, you can assess the claims against you and determine a wise path forward.

What does it mean to face charges of Medicare fraud?

Criminal charges of any kind can have a significant impact on your life. If convicted, the penalties you could face may include time behind bars, fines and other consequences. It is imperative to confront criminal charges, no matter the type or the nature of the case against you. If you are facing charges of fraud, such as Medicare fraud, you do not have to deal with it alone.

Fraud is deception done with a specific goal in mind, most often financial gain. Medicare fraud includes any misrepresentations or deceptive activities that could defraud the Medicare system in any way. These are serious criminal charges, and Florida individuals facing accusations of this type of fraud would be wise to take their cases seriously and act quickly to build a strong defense.

Local man allegedly had guns, pictures of schools

Our rights to own weapons for self defense or recreation is an important freedom that we enjoy here in the United States, but challenges to that freedom exist everywhere. If you face criminal charges related to owning weapons, it is very important that you seek out proper legal guidance to help you fight these charges. Often, the result of a single weapons charge can have far reaching implications for the local community of gun owners, so it is always important to fight for your rights to maintain your firearms.

Such complications could arise in the aftermath of an case that is still playing out here in Orlando, where local law enforcement are still working through the moving parts of a complicated scene of firearms and other alleged contraband materials in the living space of a local man. Some of the alleged evidence suggests that the man may have been working on plans to carry out some sort of public attack.

Are mortgage fraud charges serious?

Owning a home or some other piece of real estate is often seen as a cornerstone of the American Dream. However, in the modern real estate market, buying real estate of nearly any kind usually involves securing a mortgage loan to finalize the purchase. If some party in the mortgage process abuses the process, it may result in mortgage fraud charges.

Mortgage fraud generally entails two kinds of violations — either some form of fraud intended to result in better housing terms for the buyer, or fraud that enriches some party in the mortgage process. These kinds of violations can arise in a number of ways.

Drunk driver receives life in prison

Drunk driving is always a very risky choice, and one that not only places the driver in danger, but also many other drivers and passengers on the road, or even pedestrians near a road. Drunk driving is also not confined strictly to consumer vehicles, but may include large commercial machinery as well.

Recently, a drunk driving accident led to a very serious conviction — a life sentence plus 15 years for the DUI manslaughter of two women who were killed in a drunk driving accident involving a large tractor driven by an intoxicated man. While the family was surely grateful for the ruling, they are still heartbroken from the loss of their loved ones.

Lack of permit could lead to weapons charges

As a strong supporter of the right to bear arms, you may own multiple firearms. Though you understand that gun safety should remain the most important factor in relation to owning such weapons, you likely also know that you need to follow certain legal stipulations in order to legally own and carry a firearm. If you hope to avoid an unexpected criminal charge, you may want to ensure that you have the proper permits.

If you would like to freely carry a weapon in Florida, you need to have a concealed weapons permit. In order to obtain this permit, you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements and provide necessary information during the application process, among other steps before obtaining this license.

Can I seal or expunge my DUI record?

There are many ways to fight drunk driving charges if you receive them, but you must be sure you consider all the options before you take action in a way that may not best serve your interests or protect your freedoms. In many cases, an experienced attorney can identify a strong strategy a driver can use to defend against DUI charges. However, in some instances, defeating the charges completely is simply not a viable option. If you believe that your DUI charges are a slam-dunk conviction, is there still any action you can take to protect yourself?

In some cases, yes. Depending on a number of different factors, you may have grounds to request that a court either seal records of the conviction or even expunge them. Neither of these protections are blanketly available to anybody who has the bright idea of requesting them, however. The court considers requests to seal or expunge certain records based on a compelling argument by the defendant.

What are the elements of a federal bribery charge?

Bribery is a serious criminal charge, one that can carry significant jail time as well as monetary penalties. If you face bribery charges, you need to act quickly to preserve your rights and privileges by fighting the charges with everything you have available. This is particularly true if you face federal bribery charges. Failing to defend yourself against federal bribery charges could mean that you spend the rest of your life very differently than you do now.

Federal bribery charges involve a number of particular elements the government uses to build a case before it brings charges against someone.

  • The individual offered a bribe is a public official of some sort, which may even include relatively low-level federal government employees.
  • The party charged with bribery offered the public official something valuable
  • The offer is meant to influence some official act
  • The public official offered the bribe has the power the influence the official
  • The party charged with bribery established some specific intended result of the bribe

How do I reinstate my license after my first DUI?

If you just received your first DUI charge, you must consider how a conviction could affect your day-to-day life.One of the most common issues for those convicted of a DUI is the restriction placed on driving after a conviction. Even for first-time offenders, it is possible to lose driving privileges for anywhere from 180 days to a full year from the date of the conviction.

If a person does see their driving privileges suspended, they may be able to apply for a hardship license in the county where they live. Different areas consider different issues when determining whether or not to issue a hardship license, so be sure that you understand the qualifications for your specific county.

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