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Man does not get far fleeing drunk driving accident on foot

If you are going to drive under the influence, it is safe to assume that you may make other unwise choices as well. Such was the plight of a man who attempted to flee the police on foot after allegedly striking another vehicle and causing unspecified injuries to its passengers.

Unfortunately for the man, his plan was not as effective as he might have hoped, and he was only able to run a matter of yards before the police apprehended him in a state of great distress, reportedly "sweating heavily and out of breath."

Man may face charges after accidentally shooting himself

Sometimes, no one plays you like you play yourself. In a particularly unfortunate circumstance, you may face criminal charges after suffering self-inflicted injuries, like a man in Jacksonville did recently. It is in these moments that having an attorney to fight for your rights and protect you from your own actions is particularly useful — otherwise you may suffer insult, injury and legal consequences.

The man was admitted to a hospital after he reportedly sat down on a gun that was lying in the driver's seat of his car. In a twist that very few screenwriters could justify in a Hollywood crime caper, the gun discharged, striking him in the penis, causing unspecified harm.

Have you been accused of medical device fraud?

Working in the medical field can come with many stress factors and expectations. You certainly want to ensure that you perform the duties of your profession to the best of your ability in the hope of helping your patients. At the same time, however, you may also struggle to meet certain expectations when it comes to following particular standards. You may easily find yourself working to determine what course of action may best suit a situation and wonder what impact it could have on you.

You likely have fears of accusations relating to medical malpractice, but you could also find yourself accused of fraud. Fraudulent prescriptions for medical devices may come in as a specific issue in your line of work.

Are you facing money laundering charges?

There are many kinds of white collar crimes, and many specific laws created to deter them. One of the most common types of white collar crime is money laundering. In general, money laundering occurs when a business attempts to hide the source of illegally obtained money or uses legitimate operations to move money from an illegal source to a legal one, making it appear "clean."

Money laundering laws began to take effect in the 1970s and have continued to build in complexity and scope for the last 40 years or so. Most of the laws that pertain to money laundering institute specific regulations that require a businesses or financial institutions to either report or maintain proper accounts for transactions over a certain size.

Woman arrested for excessive intoxication while driving

While getting behind the wheel after a drink is rarely a good idea, this bad idea becomes exponentially more inadvisable when there are other passengers in the vehicle — especially when those other passengers are children. A woman from Gainesville was recently arrested and given a handful or charges after officers pulled her over with two small children in her car, following complaints called in by other drivers.

According to reports, the woman was stopped after other drivers called the police saying that the vehicle was swerving across the center line and had even gone up onto a sidewalk at one point. Soon enough, a police helicopter got involved and followed the driver for some time until the police arrived, watching as the car swerved across lines and hit curbs.

Drunk driving increases in the summer

Summertime is here, and statistically that means more people on the road, including more drunk drivers. While drunk driving can happen any time, there are number of factors that lead to an increase in the summer months. Being mindful of situations that can lead to drunk driving can help you plan ahead and avoid putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation.

Drunk driving increases in the summer for a number of reasons. This year, gas prices are lower than they've been consistently in over a decade, so many more people are planning road trips. When people take vacations, they tend to drink more than usual, and may not know the area where they are, which increases the danger of getting behind the wheel.

Understanding insider trading

As the stock market becomes more and more accessible to the public, many people suffer from a poor understanding of insider trading. While we are used to hearing the term thrown around on television, insider trading remains widely misunderstood. For instance, many people are not actually aware that not all instances of insider trading are illegal.

Legal insider trading can occur when employees or directors of a company buy or sell their own company's stock. It is important to understand that this is not illegal, but still necessitates a proper report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How do I reinstate my license after refusing sobriety testing?

When you see the blue lights flashing behind you and you know that you may be over the legal limit to drive, you have some options. You do not have to submit to any testing, and you do not have to answer any questions from a police officer. However, refusing to cooperate with sobriety testing procedures will almost certainly result in a suspension of your license. In some cases, this is the least bad option among a number of undesirable options.

So what do you do next after your license gets suspended for refusal to participate in breath or urine tests of your blood alcohol levels?

Intoxilyzer not a reliable witness

Over 30 percent of fatal traffic accidents each year involve alcohol. In fact, each day, 30 people die in motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers. Is it any wonder that citizens and law enforcement fight hard for harsh penalties for those convicted of DUI? Is it any wonder that tax payers applaud the use of new technology to identify and prosecute those whom police arrest under suspicion of driving drunk?

Like many, you probably took for granted that the equipment law enforcement uses to register a driver's blood alcohol concentration is top-of-the-line. After all, the rights and futures of many depend on the accuracy and truthfulness of those machines and techniques. However, that assurance may have changed after your recent arrest when an Intoxilyzer registered that your BAC was over the legal limit.

Florida girl accidentally fatally shot at slumber party

A 12-year-old Jacksonville girl was taken off life support and passed away last month after she was shot in the head during a slumber party while sleeping. The shooting, by an 11-year-old boy, was determined to be accidental. Sadly, she is the fifth child in the area to have been shot accidentally just since February.

Although Florida law allows prosecutors to charge adults with negligence when children are hurt or killed by a gun that was left loaded and accessible, no charges have been brought in any of these cases. Florida was the first state in the country to adopt a "safe-storage" law back in 1989. Since then, 17 state and Washington, D.C. have enacted similar laws that require firearms to be in a locked container and/or have a trigger lock on them.

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