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A world without internet is impossible to imagine now

The internet has become a fundamental element of everyday life, so much so that it is hard to remember life without it. How did you meet up with friends before you had cellphones and texting connected on a 4G or WiFi network? Where did you get your information before there was Wikipedia and Google? How did you stay in touch with your friends and family that lived so far away?

Obviously there are legitimate answers to those questions -- but what we're saying here is that the internet has made things much easier, to the point that it is impossible to separate the internet from the real world.

The details of drug cases are crucial

One of the stereotypes about drug charges is that "they're all the same." Every drug offender is "the same." The cases proceed in "the same" way. The people who read about these cases think "the same" way about the alleged perpetrators: more poignantly that they are probably guilty even though the person alleged to have committed the crime has his or her presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

While we won't necessarily get into every point we mentioned above, we do want to target one part of the "sameness" that some people feel about drug cases: the details in each drug case matter. They are not ubiquitous elements of a criminal case. They are, in fact, incredibly important and defining traits of an elaborate event in time.

Largest heroin bust in Hernando County has a unique twist

On January 27, a total of 5,000 individual packets containing heroin were seized by the Hernando County Sheriff's Department. A related package of 550 packets was intercepted in May 2016 through the U.S. Postal Service.  With a combined weight of 3.3 lbs, this has been called the largest bust in Hernando County history.

That wasn't the only thing unique about this particular drug bust. It is that many of these individually-wrapped doses of heroin had the name "Donald Trump" printed on them - along with an image of the president.

Found cocaine leads to fisherman on brink of lifetime in jail

You may not have heard the story of Thomas Zachary Breeding before, but it is a cautionary tale about drug charges and proactively protecting yourself in difficult legal situations. Breeding was a fisherman who had run-ins with the law before his infamous moment in 2016.

Last year, he was out fishing one day when he says he found a container of cocaine floating off the coast of Panama City, Florida. The container held roughly $500,000 worth of cocaine. Accidentally finding the cocaine is one thing -- but Breeding decided to give the cocaine to other people, who then sold the drugs and gave him a cut of the profits they earned from the sales. All of the people involved in this case were arrested, and now Breeding faces the possibility of life in jail.

Numerous charges for man accused of selling drugs near school

A man from Cape Coral, Florida was arrested on drug charges recently after a SWAT raid executed a search warrant of his premises, turning up numerous drugs and tens of thousands of dollars in money stashed around the house. The man is being held on $180,000 bond at the Lee County Jail.

The man faces many different drug charges, including selling drug, possessing drugs and distributing drugs near a school. The police say they have evidence (it is unclear if it is on video) of the man selling drugs in a parking lot near a school, though not on school property.

What constitutes a 'legal' search by the police?

When have the police officially begun a "search?" This is an important question because the Fourth Amendment explicitly says that the people are protected from unreasonable search and seizures. Now, the police need to search and seize property given their jobs -- but the people have a right to privacy and protections against a search and seizure that is deemed illegal in the eyes of the law.

So let's answer the question posed above. When have the police officially and legally "searched" property? There are two factors that need to be discussed here. The first is "did the person who was targeted by the search have an expectation to privacy?" The second is "was the person's expectation of privacy reasonable?" If the answer to both questions is "yes," then the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights. If the answer to either question is "no," then they have performed a search.

Prosecution must prove case against you

Today, we want to talk about a few elements of drug possession charges. Many think of these as "slam dunk" cases that inevitably lead to the accused being locked up. But that isn't the case.

The first element we want to talk about today is the case against an individual accused of drug possession. The prosecution has to establish two factors to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the individual possessed drugs that were classified as a controlled substance and that he or she knew that they had possession of the drug. If both of those requirements are not met, then the prosecution wouldn't have a case.

Dealing with the consequences of false rape allegations

Sexual assault is among the most sensitive and difficult charges of which a person can be accused. Not only is the nature of these crimes particularly troubling, but oftentimes the case boils down to one person's word against another's.

People in this situation typically need to aggressively defend themselves by calling witnesses, examining the accusing party's character and motivation, and challenging any baseless allegations. When these efforts are successful, a person should be cleared of any false charges. But that doesn't mean the case is closed for someone who has been wrongfully accused, and it can be very difficult to know how to move forward.

Man arrested following alleged assault at Florida nightclub

The relationship between two people is often complex, filled with emotional highs and lows. However, violence in a relationship is relatively rare. Unfortunately, one man was recently arrested after the alleged assault of a woman he knows at a Florida nightclub.

The man charged with the crime is said to have known the alleged victim. According to reports, the man, who is not a United States citizen, was deported after he was accused of battering the same woman involved in this recent incident. Reports indicate that he and the 26-year-old victim traveled together to the nightclub where the woman works. He allegedly remained at the scene until the woman completed her shift at 5 a.m.

Woman allegedly framed in rape case

Criminal allegations involving rape are some of the most devastating charges that can be made against a person: His or her family, reputation, job, freedom and future can be destroyed with these accusations. Because of how se

Failure to investigate could ultimately mean the wrong person ends up facing severe punishment. That is what almost happened recently when a woman was accused of attempted rape and other charges.

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