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Going home: It's not that easy for convicted sex offenders

If you are convicted of a crime, you will have to comply with the terms of the resulting sentence. This could include community service, restitution and imprisonment. Once you have fulfilled these conditions, the expectation is that you should be able to move on and try to put that experience behind you.

However, this is far easier said than done, especially for someone convicted of a sex crime in Florida. For people in this position, "moving on" or rebuilding a life after completing the conditions of a conviction can be all but impossible due to the severe and sometimes life-long restrictions placed on a person. For example, if you think you can just move back home after being released from prison, you could be in for some very bad news.

Why was I charged with drug trafficking instead of possession?

Florida residents are likely aware of the incredible resources state and federal law enforcement agencies dedicate to the enforcement of drug laws, from massive sting operations to aggressive arrest and search efforts. Because of all that goes into drug enforcement, police and prosecutors have a distinct interest in pursuing serious charges any time a person is arrested.

This is why so many people find themselves facing charges they may feel are unnecessary or inappropriate. For example, you might be charged with drug trafficking instead of drug possession in many cases. There is a big difference between these two, and law enforcement agents know this. 

What's the difference between witness coaching and preparation?

Testifying in a criminal case is a very serious responsibility for anyone in the position to do so. Whether that person is a witness for the prosecution or for the defense, his or her statements have the power to make a very significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Because of this, proper procedures must be followed when it comes to identifying, preparing and questioning witnesses. For example, in cases involving sexual assault allegations, there may be concerns about witness coaching that call the legitimacy of a witness' statements into question.

The complexities of warrantless cellphone searches

Our cellphones hold some of our most valuable information, from pictures and videos to bank account passwords and even health records. Considering how much personal data is accessible with the swipe of a finger, it can be important to understand more about cellphone search procedures.

Thanks to a 2014 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, police generally cannot search a person's phone without a warrant or without that person's consent. This means that if you are arrested, your phone can be taken, but unless you say it's okay, police will have to first secure a warrant before they look through it. However, there are critical exceptions.

Factors that can have an effect on criminal sentences

Crimes that involve sexual misconduct are among the most serious offenses, which is why they are so often reported and discussed in the media, community discussions and other outlets. If you are caught up in one of these crimes, it may not be long until your name, reputation and alleged offense become a topic of conversation.

As bad as these crimes already are, there are certain elements that can make them even more serious, not just in the eyes of the public, but also in the eyes of the law. In this post, we will look at some factors that can affect sentencing for a sex offense.

Teacher found not guilty of sex crimes supports classroom cameras

Allegations of sexual misconduct are among the most devastating that a person in the field of education can face. People in these positions can face escalated charges and harsher sentences for a conviction, and the fact is the public is quick to lash out against a teacher or other school worker accused of a sex crime.

This is why it is particularly traumatic for someone in this position to be wrongfully accused crimes including sexual assault. In order to stop this from happening, some people are supporting controversial means of protecting teachers and students. 

Old drug connections, decisions can come back to haunt you

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. These powerful addictions have a dramatic impact on a person's lifestyle and decisions. For instance, people addicted to drugs like methamphetamine can easily find themselves manufacturing or selling the drug in order to support their habit.

These decisions have a considerable effect on a person's health, safety and relationships, and often they can jeopardize a person's freedom if they are arrested for a drug offense. Getting out of this situation and on the road to recovery is an incredible accomplishment that should not be overlooked. However, this too can be jeopardized when old behaviors and decisions come back to haunt you.

Charges pile up for 18 people arrested in sting operation

Sting operations are regularly conducted all throughout Florida. These elaborate efforts by law enforcement agents require considerable resources and planning, which makes it crucial for police to get the results they are looking for.

Because of this, it is not unusual for sting operations to result in a high number of arrests and an even high number of charges that are filed. Casting such a wide net and filing as many charges as possible increases the likelihood that more people will be convicted or plead to more offenses, which makes the operation look like a noteworthy success.

Can I be fired for committing a sex crime?

While there are laws that prohibit Florida employers from firing a person for an illegal reason (like discrimination or retaliation), it is legal to fire someone who is facing allegations of committing an illegal offense in.

What this means is that you can lose your job if your boss finds out you are facing criminal charges. Even if your employer does not care about the offense itself, the fact is that certain elements of criminal charges can jeopardize your employment, among other relationships.

Synthetic drug crimes easier to prosecute in FL starting in July

Drug offenses are taken very seriously by federal and state lawmakers and law enforcement agencies. They will typically utilize every tool at their disposal to pursue charges of selling and/or manufacturing illicit drugs.

This just got easier thanks to changes that will be made to Florida laws. The new legislation, which goes into effect in July, changes how illegal drugs are defined in this state. Beginning in a few months, possession of drugs that are "substantially similar" to those identified as illegal can be grounds for arrest and prosecution.

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