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Money laundering charges require sophisticated legal responses

"Money laundering" is the term used for running illegally-obtained income through a business operation in order to make it seem like a legitimate part of the business proceeds.

That takes the "dirty money" that comes from an illegal source and makes it "clean money." As you might be able to suspect, the purpose of cleaning the money is to make it impossible to trace back to its illegal source. That gets the money out in the open, where it can then be spent -- because what good is having a lot of money if you can't spend it?

Who is prohibited from owning a gun in Florida?

Gun control has long been a hot button issue in this country. In 2005, Florida's was the first state to pass a stand your ground law.

Florida's passing of this law took away the necessity for those bearing weapons to retreat before deciding to use force in an act of self-defense. In other words, Florida law, in general, allows anyone who fears being killed or suffering severe bodily harm to use deadly force without making any effort to get out of harm's way first.

Doctor convicted of using insurance claims to defraud government

A Florida jury has convicted a West Palm Beach physician of 67 counts of Medicare fraud in a case that has significant ties to the corruption and bribery charges against Senator Bob Menendez.

The physician was convicted of performing eye treatments on patients that weren't medically necessary and, in some cases, simply billing Medicare for expensive procedures that were never even performed. In total, the doctor scammed the federal government out of more than $100 million in insurance money.

Will bad breath land you behind bars in a Florida jail cell?

When you're getting ready for a night on the town in Florida, you probably spend time deciding what to wear and going through a personal hygiene routine that helps you look your best for that special someone. You may even be one of many who give themselves a little "fresh breath" test by puffing quickly into your hand and "checking" the results. A mint, piece of chewing gum or swish of mouthwash may do the trick if a bit of extra help is needed.

Getting pulled over by police and asked to take a Breathalyzer test, however, is undoubtedly one of the last things on your mind as you anticipate a lovely evening, and you'd likely not assume the mouthwash you used earlier would lead to trouble with the law. Images of yourself being led away in handcuffs and charged with drunk driving may be even further from your thoughts. If you plan on imbibing an alcoholic beverage, you may want to brush up on current DUI regulations in this state.

Drunk boating charges do have possible defense options

Drunk boating charges are serious matters because of the dramatic ways they can change your life. We discussed some of the ways in a previous blog post. It is imperative that you take the time to think of these points if you are heading out for a day on the water.

One thing that makes drunk boating so rough is that if there is an accident, it can take longer for medical help to arrive than what would happen on land. This could mean that a person who truly needs medical care is left without it for a while.

Drunk boating charges can dramatically change your life

A day on the open waters in Florida might seem like a perfect way to enjoy the lovely weather. As long as you are the one who is piloting the boat, you need to make sure that you are sober. Being drunk while you are the one in the wheelhouse can spell disaster for your fun day.

You can face criminal charges for drunk boating if you are found to be drunk. There are several things that you need to think about when you are going out for a day on the water.

What is white-collar crime?

White-collar crime — it's a term that most have heard, but many may be unsure exactly what it encompasses, From the standpoint of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, white-collar crime has evolved since it was allegedly coined almost 80 years ago.

The basis of white-collar crime is fraud, but these fraudulent acts usually are committed by government officials and/or business professionals. The acts themselves are not linked to violence or threats but instead rely on concealment, deception and violating another person's trust.

Sentencing guidelines for possession of a firearm by a felon

During 2012, more than 84,173 cases were reported to the United States Sentencing Commission. Of those, 5,768 resulted in convictions for violations of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), commonly known as Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Among those convicted, 98.2 percent were male. The average age of the defendant at the time the case was sentenced was 33. Nearly 91 percent of those convicted were United States citizens with at least half of them being African American. More than a quarter of those convicted were white, followed not too far behind by Hispanics. The remaining 2.9 percent was comprised of individuals from other races.

Can you challenge the results from a breath test device?

When the police pull out a breath test and it says that you're intoxicated, you may think there's nothing -- or very little -- that you can do. People often assume that a breath test is an exact science in 100 percent of cases.

This is not actually true. There are many reasons you can challenge the breath test and say that it's reading doesn't prove you were driving while under the influence. Some tactics include:

Challenging breath tests taken with the Intoxilyzer 8000

In Florida, courts have dismissed many DUI cases because of challenges to breath test results from the Intoxilyzer 8000.

The Intoxilyzer 8000 is commonly used by Florida police to measure drivers’ blood alcohol content (BAC) following DUI arrests. Drivers whose BAC is 0.08 or higher are considered to be under the influence. However, those results may not be accepted in Florida courts.

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