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Try to avoid alcohol if you have to drive home

Before you head out to holiday parties this season, you need to make sure that you are prepared for what's going to happen. One thing that you can't overlook is that most holiday parties are going to include alcoholic beverages. This means that you need to plan how you will make it home if you do have alcohol.

You have a few different options about how to handle the situation. One of these is to bring nonalcoholic beverages so that you can have something to drink. People around you might not be aware that you don't have alcohol in your drink.

What are the most common internet crimes?

Computers and the internet have made life easier for almost everybody -- but it's also made it easier than ever to get in trouble with the law. You can now commit a serious crime remotely, without even leaving your home or office.

A computer crime is, at its most basic, any crime that requires the use of a computer. Keeping in mind that even your cellular phone is a powerful little computer, here are some of the most common computer crimes:

  1. Hacking: This involves the deliberate breach of another computer's security system or operations. Hacking can include the theft of important information, like passwords or personal identities. It can also include DDoS attacks and botnets that are designed to disrupt normal operations.
  2. Fraud: Many forms of fraud require the use of computers these days, whether that means grifting small amounts from large accounts or using the internet to transfer funds illegally to offshore accounts.
  3. Viruses: Computer viruses serve no purpose other than to damage individual computers, whole networks and large systems that are relied on by companies and governments alike.
  4. Ransomware: These malware-based crimes are designed to hold a computer system "hostage" until the agency or entity that needs the system pays up. In the case of hospitals, ransomware has been known to endanger lives.
  5. Spamming: Spam mail is more than annoyance -- it can land you in jail. Unsolicited emails that are deceptive and malicious have landed some spammers in jail.
  6. Piracy: The modern pirate is hiding on the internet, not the high seas. Computer piracy involves the theft of intellectual material, like software, even if you don't intend to resell it.

Know your defense options for a white collar charge

A person who is charged with a white collar crime needs to learn about their defense options. These vary greatly, depending on the circumstances, so you have to think carefully about the specific points that surround the case. We know that this is something that you never thought would happen, but you don't have time to dwell on that right now. Instead, it is time to get to work on your defense.

These cases often have a lot of paperwork that go along with them. Taking the time to go through all this can be a challenge, but it is necessary so that you can ensure you are able to review all the defense strategy options you have. Your defense strategy can only be based on pure facts. What might make a difference is how you present those facts.

Probation violation can result in stiff penalties

The last place you wanted to end up was back in jail, especially after your conviction resulted in a sentence of probation. Probation is often a more desirable outcome than a jail sentence because it allows you to remain with your family and continue in your daily routine as much as possible within the terms of your court order. However, if you are facing accusations of being in violation of your probationary terms, you may fear that jail is in your future after all.

A probation violation is nothing to take lightly. It can mean serious penalties and lifelong consequences. If your probation officer is bringing you before a judge with evidence that you violated your court-ordered probation, you would be wise to have a legal advisor standing by your side.

Know the penalties for drunk driving in Florida

The holiday season is here, which means that people will begin hosting parties to celebrate. If you are planning on having alcohol this season, make sure that you find a suitable way home. This might include a ride-share, a designated driver or public transportation. If you don't find another option to get home, you might face criminal charges for drunk driving.

The penalties in Florida are serious for drunk driving. It is possible for you to face charges if you are an adult who is 21 or older with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage of .08 or above. The limit is lower for commercial drivers and those who are under the legal drinking age.

Hobbs Act robberies: What you should know

The Hobbs Act 18 U.S. Code ยง 1951 has been in existence since 1946, but many people aren't even aware that it exists until they've been charged with a crime under the act.

Back in the day, the Hobbs Act was aimed at racketeering that was problematic throughout the labor and management disputes at the time. Now, with the decline of unions, the Hobbs Act is more often used to charge public officials who abuse their official position and power to extort others into giving up their property. It also is sometimes aimed at ordinary people who are accused of using force, weapons, violence and terror to rob others.

Brandishing weapons is an illegal act that can lead to charges

A person who is licensed to carry a concealed pistol has to be aware of the laws surrounding this privilege. Having any missteps related to the firearm can mean that you lose your license and that you might face criminal charges. These can negatively impact your future, so you have to ensure that you don't have any issues. If you do have a problem, addressing it swiftly becomes a priority.

One particular issue that people tend to forget is that the purpose of the concealed carry license is so that you can carry a firearm without anyone knowing. Some people tend to get brave about carrying and might do things that could clue others into the fact that you have the gun. While some actions aren't a big deal, there are some that are construed as brandishing a weapon.

Fraud crimes come in many forms

Fraud is a broad category that can encompass many different crimes. The key point that ties them all together is that a person willfully tried to deceive another person for their own gain. While fraud is typically handled in the same manner regardless of what type of assets are involved, it is generally categorized by that fact.

Some forms include wire, credit card, tax, bankruptcy and securities fraud. These can be done by individuals or businesses, depending on the circumstances. When the business is the entity in question, the employees, owners or others involved will usually be the ones that are going to face charges.

More Medicare fraud investigations focus on pharmacists

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. However, you may not realize that in 2007, the Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services selected Florida to be the site of their first strike force to fight Medicare fraud. Now, more than a dozen strike forces exist across the country, but their mission is the same: to find and stop Medicare fraud that costs the taxpayers billions of dollars.

Falsely billing Medicare for services is nothing new. The complexity of the Medicare system seems to make it easy for cases of fraud to get lost in the shuffle, and this can be a great temptation to those involved in billing for medical services. However, more pharmacists and owners of pharmacies are finding themselves under the microscope. If this includes you, there are some important facts you should know.

Drunk driving wrecks lead to many legal complications

When a person is too impaired to drive, they are going to make poor decisions. These might not have an immediate impact on the driver. There is always a chance that one wrong move will lead to a crash. This is a situation that can lead to some very serious complications, including criminal charges in some cases. The circumstances of the crash and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage can have an effect on how things are handled in the case.

There are a few things that you have to think about if you are in this position. One of them is that you are going to be asked to take a chemical test to determine whether alcohol was involved. Being in the accident automatically means that the officer's requirement of reasonable suspicion is met. They do have the right to detain you and investigate what happened to cause the crash.

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