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The way you make statements can impact your defense

Defendants who are facing any type of criminal charge should carefully consider their options for their defense. What they might not realize is that their actions before, during and after the arrest might impact their options now. If you think that you are under investigation or if you have been arrested, make sure that you know your rights.

We recently discussed the Miranda warnings and why these are important. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to invoke those rights when you are offered the chance. When you are in this type of situation, you have to choose your words carefully. You must tell the truth and make only factual statements when you are speaking to the police.

Miranda warnings apply to all detained interrogation situations

Some of the most important rights that some criminal suspects should remember are their Miranda rights. These also apply to people who are facing drunk driving accusations by the police. They are set forth by the U. S. Supreme Court, but they only apply in very specific cases. Having a good understanding of these rights might help susects defend their rights.

The Miranda warning only has to be provided to individuals who are being detained by police officers and who are being interrogated. You don't have to be read this warning if the police stop you on the sidewalk and are asking you random questions. If they infringe on your right to walk away freely or place you under arrest, they should read you your rights.

Florida laws draw a hard line against drug possession

Drug charges of any kind are a distinct threat to your future and your personal freedom. No matter the specific nature of the case against you, having a strong defense is crucial for your long-term interests. The first step in developing an effective DUI strategy is to have an understanding of the charges against you and the potential penalties you are facing. 

Possession charges are some of the most common types of drug charges, but Florida law recognizes various different types of possession. The severity of the allegations against you depends on the type of drug, your criminal history and other factors. A guilty plea or a conviction is not your only option -- you have the right to fight back against the prosecution's case and pursue an optimal outcome to your situation.

Address the evidence in a white collar crime trial

A white collar criminal matter must be taken very seriously because the effects of it can change your entire life. These crimes are often associated with dishonesty and unethical behavior, which can mean that you aren't trusted in your chosen field any longer. This can lead to you having to change careers and might mean that your education and training are no longer useful to you.

When you are fighting a white collar crime charge, you have to think about the evidence that is being used against you. This might be considerable, depending on what allegedly happened. Make sure that you take things one point at a time so that you are able to determine what you are going to do to introduce doubt into the mind of each juror.

Practice safety when shooting on private land

Part of owning a gun is being responsible with it. You have to ensure that you know the current laws so that you don't break them. Facing a weapons charge is very serious and something that should be avoided. If you are convicted of one of these criminal matters, you can lose your right to carry a firearm for the remainder of your life.

One thing that many people who own firearms want to do is practice shooting the gun. While some people do this at the shooting range, others want to do it at home. Florida laws set very specific standards for people being able to do this on private property.

Loss of driving privileges can be hard after a DUI

When you are facing drunk driving charges, one of the biggest things that you have to think about is how you are going to continue doing daily life tasks without a driver's license. This is a major change from what you might be accustomed to, so you do need to spend some time planning.

There are sometimes options available that may help you regain your driving privileges after a certain period of time. These are usually handled during the administrative proceedings that come with these cases. We can help you find out what options might be available in your case so that you can make your plans based on those.

First-time DUIs can lead to costly legal troubles

Many things can lead to a person driving while they are intoxicated, but Florida law doesn't have exceptions for the legal limit of .08 percent for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for people who are operating motor vehicles. Since 2004, this has been the limit, so most drivers are familiar with it already. What some might not know is that there is also another limit to know. You can face enhanced penalties if you have a BAC of .15 percent or higher.

There are many considerations that come into the picture in these cases. One of these is whether there was an accident due to the drunk driving. Another is if there is an underage passenger at the time the driver is stopped. The court will factor all of these in when trying to determine what penalties a person will receive.

Don't delay building a white collar crime charge defense

White collar crimes can mean the difference between you having the career you love and having to find a new line of work. When you are facing white collar crime charges, you need to think carefully about what you are going to do. Addressing these charges has to be made a priority in your life when you are facing this situation.

We know that it is easy for you to just ignore what's going on when you aren't physically in the courtroom. Unfortunately, living in denial can lead to you having to create a rushed defense that doesn't actually do you any good. Instead, you should take your time to think about each option that you have so that you can build your strategy based on what you feel is best for your needs.

Facing fraud charges? Your future is on the line

Accusations of white collar criminal activity are serious. Even the suggestion of financial crimes can be enough to ruin your reputation, compromise your future career opportunities and bring other implications to your life. If you are facing charges or are under investigation for any type of fraud, it is in your interests to act immediately to start developing an effective defense strategy.

Fraud is a type of financially motivated crime that involves using deception and other means to take money. In common vernacular, people often call committing fraud "swindling." There are both Florida laws and federal statutes in place against fraud, and if convicted, you could face serious, life-altering repercussions, including extensive time behind bars.

Reasons officers might conduct a drunk driving traffic stop

Police officers have a duty to try to keep the streets safe. Spotting drunk drivers and getting them off the road is one way they can do this. In order to conduct a traffic stop for the suspicion of drunk driving, the officer has to have reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver is impaired.

There are several signs that they might look for when they are patrolling. Typically, a driver who is intoxicated will exhibit at least one of the following signs:

  • Swerving or drifting between lanes
  • Braking frequently and erratically
  • Driving on the centerline
  • Making illegal turns
  • Driving very slowly
  • Almost hitting other cars or objects on the side of the road

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