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What field sobriety tests are used during traffic stops?

Traffic stops are one of the ways police officers in Florida attempt to remove impaired drivers from the roads. The other option is to operate a checkpoint for driving under the influence (DUI). If you are stopped for suspicion of DUI, you will be subjected to various field sobriety tests. Let's take a look at them in today's post so you know what to expect if this ever happens to you.

You will be asked to stand on one leg by the officer who initiated the traffic stop. This is to see if you can balance. Balance is not a strong skill when you are impaired. You won't have to stand on one leg for long. It will probably be for no more than 30 seconds or so. The more you struggle or fall, the more likely it is that you will be arrested for DUI.

Reviewing the assault laws in Florida

Assault is a serious crime that land you in jail for a long time if you aren't able to have the charges reduced or dropped. As you begin your fight against the assault charges levied against you, it's a good idea to review the assault laws that are in place in Florida. This should help you build a defense for your case.

Assault is a crime that many people confuse with battery. When someone hears the word assault, they tend to think that it is the actual harming of another person. It just sounds like a word that would mean inflicting harm. It's the contrary. Assault is defined as the threat of harm to another person, according to the law in Florida.

Common defenses to computer crime charges

Computer crimes are incredibly common these days and continue to expand in depth as more and more ideas hit the web. Those who have access to computers and a connection to the internet can commit a host of different computer crimes in Orlando. Let's take a look at some of the most common defenses to computer crime charges in the event you ever face these charges.

A common type of computer crime defense is that the person charged with the crime was actually authorized to view the material or data in question. This will require a lot of evidence to prove that you were given access to the data and did not hack the victim's computer to steal the information.

4 types of payroll fraud

Like most people, you look forward to your paycheck. Seeing your hard work reflected in monetary compensation often makes your time at the office or other workplace worth your effort. Of course, also like many people, you may wish that you earned a bit more on that paycheck each week.

Your idea of gaining more income may be to work extra hours or take other legitimate steps toward helping yourself earn a few extra bucks here and there. However, some individuals may become suspicious that some type of criminal activity involving payroll fraud has taken place. If so, you may stand accused of one of several types of acts that fall into this category.

Am I allowed to turn down a Breathalyzer test?

You've likely heard stories through the grapevine about a drunk driving checkpoint or DUI stop. Maybe you've been involved in either one of these first-hand as a driver or passenger. Either way, there's a lot of misinformation out there about these tests and what happens if you decline them. So, are you allowed to decline a Breathalyzer test?

You have every right to decline a Breathalyzer test if you are stopped for suspicion of DUI, but just know that doing so will land you in a lot of legal hot water. For example, you could wind up having your license suspended, be issued large fines or even be sentenced to jail.

Exploring the accidental discharge of a firearm

Owning a firearm is a right in the United States. It is also a right that can easily be taken away if you use firearm illegally, even if it happened to be an accident. Today, we will explore the topic of accidental discharge of a firearm in Florida and how it can lead to criminal charges.

There are laws on the books in Florida that expressly prohibit the discharge of a firearm on a residential property. This includes discharging the firearm on your own personal property or any other property that has been zoned by the local government as use for residential living.

Man arrested for drinking at stoplights on the way to McDonald's

A man in Florida was recently arrested on DUI charges after he got in a minor accident at the drive-thru for a McDonald's.

Per reports, the man ran into the rear bumper of the next vehicle waiting in line numerous times. The woman in that car then decided to call the police. She waited at the McDonald's and told officers which man had done it when they showed up.

How do I protect myself against credit card fraud?

Credit cards are an important part of everyday life in Orlando. People use them to purchase just about any product or service they desire. These cards are used so often that they become easy prey for thieves and fraudsters. So, how do you best protect yourself against credit card fraud?

You should never give someone your credit card information over the phone unless you called the company yourself. This ensures that the person you are giving the information will not steal it and charge purchases in your name.

Types of fraud charges and the importance of a strong defense

Defending yourself against a criminal charge is not only your right but also your opportunity to protect your future from grave consequences. Whether you are facing charges of violent crimes or are facing allegations of white collar crime, you would be wise to act quickly to build a strong defense strategy. 

This is especially true for Florida readers facing charges related to fraud. Typically related to illegal financial activities, fraud can be difficult to investigate and prove, but it would still work in your best interests to take your case seriously. The impact of a conviction can be detrimental, and you will find great benefit in having experienced guidance during this time.

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction?

There are many drivers out there who find themselves pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Orlando. A DUI charge is one that can be fought in a court, even if it is your second, third or subsequent charge. You shouldn't wait until your first hearing or court appearance to begin your defense of this charge because you could put yourself in a hole. Here are the consequences of a DUI conviction.

One of the most common consequences of a DUI conviction, even if it's your first, is that you can have your license revoked. A license revocation can last for up to two years. This means you will need to find someone to take you to and from work for two years or use public transportation during this period.

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