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Florida police officer fired for having sex with prostitutes

by | Aug 10, 2012 | Sex Offenses |

After being alerted to the officer’s criminal sexual conduct, the police department conducted its own investigation, resulting in its own recording of the rogue officer’s sexual trysts. Investigators also interviewed 4 of the prostitutes that the officer picked up. All of them admitted to having sex with the officer.

Despite the inflammatory nature of the evidence against the officer, it is important to remember that prosecutors must still prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Although it may have been improper for the man to consort with known prostitutes while on duty, those videos, on their own, might not establish the statutory definition of prostitution.

Under Florida law, a man or woman typically commits the offense of prostitution by knowingly offering or engaging in sexual conduct for a fee, or by soliciting sexual conduct for hire in a public place.

In this case, the additional evidence of witness testimony might mean the officer has a difficult defense ahead of him. Yet even in a case of contradictory witness testimony — the officer’s testimony against the four prostitutes’ — prosecutors might still be unable to meet their burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For that reason, a person charged with a sex crime should consult with an attorney to prepare the strongest possible defense.

Source: News One, “Horny Cop Patrol: Officer’s Own Dashcam Records Him Picking Up Prostitutes,” July 30, 2012