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18 individuals arrested in connection with prostitution ring

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Sex Offenses |

Each year individuals throughout the state of Florida gather with friends to watch the Super Bowl. Throughout the years the event has become about much more than just football. It has evolved into quite a party for those who attend in person. Because of what often goes along with a party atmosphere, law enforcement agents are out in force before and during these types of events. This year, several days before the game, 18 individuals were arrested and accused of operating what is described as a high-end escort service. 

The arrests followed months of investigation during which it was discovered that hundreds of prostitutes were involved. Many of them were brought into the United States from other countries like Korea. According to authorities, in 2013 a total of $3 million was charged to the group on credit cards.

The group allegedly communicated with clients via text, public access television and the internet.

Prostitution is not the only thing those arrested are accused of being involved in. Drugs were allegedly sold along with sex as a package deal.

When many people are accused of being involved in something like this alleged prostitution ring, there is always the risk that someone will be caught up in the shuffle and face criminal charges for something they did not do. Since these matters can be confusing, it is of utmost importance that the accused individuals build a strong defense.

Because most individuals who find that they are facing criminal charges do not know all the ins and outs of the legal system, the best place to start is usually with a criminal defense lawyer.

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