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Two middle school students facing child pornography charges

by | May 7, 2014 | Sex Offenses |

Parents across Florida are facing new challenges when it comes to keeping their children safe and away from legal troubles. Young people have access to the Internet, cellphones and countless ways to communicate and share information. As helpful as these resources can be, they can also get kids in some serious trouble when used irresponsibly. 

For example, two young boys in another state are now facing criminal charges for texts they shared on their phones. If they are charged and convicted, their future could be in jeopardy.

The two middle school students have been accused of sharing texts they received from a fellow student which contained explicit video and photographs of the sender. According to reports, the recipients of the images then forwarded them to other classmates. Now the two boys are facing the possibility of having child pornography charges filed against them for distributing the photos and video. If they are found delinquent, the boys could be looking at a juvenile criminal record, probation or even a detention facility sentence. 

Young people are generally unable to understand the true consequences of their actions. They are still testing boundaries, searching for independence and trying to figure out where they fit in, and many of them make mistakes during this confusing time. Before today’s technology, these mistakes did not have the permanence and reach that the Internet and cellphone technologies provide. Because of this, authorities are able to identify misconduct and charge young people more easily.

Parents will always worry about their children and be concerned about their future. When a young person’s future is in jeopardy, many parents will go to great lengths to protect them. One effective way of doing this can be to speak with an attorney who can defend a child against charges and work to minimize long-term and damaging consequences.

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