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Advancing technology and the law: Both complicated, both changing

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Sex Offenses |

As technology continues to change and expand, it changes the way we interact with others. Communication can happen with the click of a button and online exchanges offer a certain sense of anonymity in a seemingly endless network of social interaction.

But this environment can come with its share of problems, from privacy issues to accessibility. Many people do not understand how the relatively new technological advances impact their individual rights. This can certainly be the case when it comes to accusations of Internet sex crimes.

Online communication can be easier to track — and manipulate — than other types of communication. In past decades, there was a reliance on hard copies of communication: a letter, a photograph and phone records, for example. Now there are text messages, emails, social networking messages and digital photographs that may not seem permanent.

People may not realize how this information could be used against them in a court case. It can be relatively simple pull together huge amounts of digital exchanges, which opens the door for taking information out of context; people can also alter messages to conceal certain pieces of information. And reaching out to start a relationship with a stranger is easier than ever, making it possible for someone to get invested in a person who turns out to be someone else.

This has all changed the way law enforcement agents investigate potential online sexual misconduct and which defense strategies are effective in challenging criminal charges. Both sides have made extensive advances in understanding the limitations and possibilities of technology and figuring out how that all fits within the confines of the criminal justice system. 

Navigating this intricate environment can be extremely complicated and requires advanced understanding of both technology and the state and federal laws. Lawyers who have experience in this area can be a vital resource and help people understand their legal options and rights. Those facing this difficult situation are invited to visit our website and our page on Internet sex crimes.