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When teens face criminal sexual charges, legal help is crucial

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Sex Offenses |

Being charged with a criminal offense at any age can be devastating. But when young adults or teens are in this situation, they could be facing a lifetime of consequences for a youthful mistake.

Young people are far from perfect. They act without thinking, or they may engage in certain behaviors because they think it makes them cool or popular. Much of this is due to their immaturity and the fact that their brains and reasoning capabilities are still developing. This is why it can be crucial to protect them from overly harsh consequences if they break a law or make a mistake.

Modern young people have a wider access to information and social connections than any other generation. They have cellphones, Facebook, Snapchat accounts and are exposed to a wide range of illicit or criminal material online. While they have this access, they don’t always understand the responsibility of using these resources wisely.

For example, teens text and send messages back and forth all day. Unlike adults, they may not realize that the content of these messages or images can get them into some serious trouble. Some young people send illicit photos to a boyfriend or girlfriend without understanding that they, and the recipient, could end up facing criminal charges related to child pornography. 

In too many cases, a young person’s mistake is used by prosecutors and law enforcement as a chance to “send a message” to others that unlawful behaviors will not be tolerated. A young person can be facing jail time, a permanently stained criminal record, and even the requirement to register as a sex offender indefinitely. Their future careers and educational opportunities could be greatly affected by a conviction.

Of course parents want children to learn their lesson; to understand that actions have consequences. But should this come at the expense of their entire future? We don’t believe so.

If your child is facing serious criminal charges in Florida, it can be crucial to his or her future that you speak with an attorney at Lindsey & Ferry, P.A. to understand your options. We know the long-term damage that can be done to a student’s life if he or she is convicted of a crime, and we can help you pursue a favorable outcome and potentially limit young person’s exposure to overly harsh penalties. For more information, please visit our page on student offenses.