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Charges can pile up when you are accused of sex crimes

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Sex Offenses |

If you are accused of sexual misconduct, especially when it involves minors, the fact is that you could be in some very serious trouble. In many cases, you will be looking at several charges, each with its own potential for severe consequences.

For example, a person accused of traveling to meet a minor for the purposes of engaging in illicit behaviors will likely be charged with multiple offenses in conjunction with this act. It can be crucial that each charge be taken seriously and aggressively defended with the help of an attorney.

If you are accused of traveling to, from or inside Florida to meet a minor, authorities will typically take aggressive steps to investigate the chain of events leading up to the alleged trip, even if a sexual encounter never takes place. They will often confiscate and search computers, phones, cameras, tablets and any other electronic device that may have been used to contact the minor involved.

If authorities find something suspicious or incriminating, you could also be charged with using the Internet to contact the minor as well as attempted lewd conduct. However, in order to do this, they must comply with strict search and seizure procedures. 

In some cases, authorities will try to bend or break the rules in an attempt to move their case forward. Investigating these types of offenses can be very complex and unless they are closely scrutinized, procedural errors can be missed and contribute unfairly to a conviction. 

The attorneys at our law firm have decades of experience working with people accused of sexual offenses in Florida. We know how high the stakes are and we can work to limit or avoid the harshest consequences of a conviction by challenging each charge and confronting potential missteps in arrest and investigation processes. 

If you are facing crimes involving traveling to meet a minor, you need to take your situation very seriously and consider what you are up against. For information on how we can help you understand your options and to contact our law firm, please visit our website.