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Man, 33, will spend rest of his life in prison for sex offenses

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Sex Offenses |

It was just two days after a 33-year-old man had completed his sentence for one sex offense before he committed another, according to reports. Now, instead of finally being able to focus on the future and putting his offense behind him, the man will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

This case should serve as a very harsh reminder of how conviction on one sex offense can prove to be ruinous. It should also serve as an example of how seriously authorities and prosecutors take allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors.

According to reports, the 33-year-old man was tracked down by authorities after he engaged in sex with a minor. The 16-year-old girl involved had been in contact with the man for several months via Internet chats and ran away from home to meet up with the man just 48 hours after he completed the terms of a previous conviction for having child pornography.

After an analysis of the girl’s computer linked her to the man, police tracked him down and found her at his home. Because of the online exchanges and the fact that she is a minor, the man was charged with online solicitation of a minor and sex assault, which are both second-degree felonies.

Due to his previous conviction, however, the charges and mandatory penalties were escalated. He was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences in prison.

This case shows just how quickly and drastically a person’s life can change when he or she is accused of sexual misconduct. Anyone facing criminal charges related to Internet sex crime, solicitation of a minor or sexual assault would be wise to take the situation very seriously and speak with an attorney to defend against the charges.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Sex offender gets two life sentences after online solicitation of minor, sex assault of teen,” Valerie Wigglesworth, Feb. 25, 2015