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Legal support can be crucial when the stakes are high

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Sex Offenses |

If you are being accused of or have been charged with a sex offense, you need to understand that you could be in some very serious trouble. Even the allegation of such conduct can be enough to destroy your family and reputation so it is crucial that you truly appreciate how grave the situation may be.

Understandably, people in this position can be overwhelmed by the emotional distress of their circumstances. They can feel paralyzed by fear or helpless and unable to properly assess their options. Considering how difficult this can be, you would be wise to seek help in protecting yourself and your future.

Anyone facing criminal charges has the right to speak with an attorney to protect themselves. If you are being accused of particularly egregious behaviors like possessing child pornography or rape, seeking legal counsel can be essential. 

An attorney can help you in many different ways. For instance, an attorney can:

  • Provide support so you are not going through this alone
  • Explain complex legal theories and the situation you are facing
  • Manage your expectations in terms of charges and sentences
  • Negotiate on your behalf to try and avoid a trial and/or maximum penalties
  • Examine the details of your case to identify any potential violation of your rights
  • Scrutinize evidence, witness statements and police records for vulnerabilities
  • Maintain a legal perspective

These capabilities can be enormously valuable, especially when you may be consumed by the emotional and social fallout that can accompany these types of allegations.

If you are in this situation, you are encouraged to take seriously your right to speak with an attorney. For information on how you can contact our attorneys to discuss your case and your legal options in Florida, you can visit out webpage on defending against sex crimes.