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The importance of avoiding probation violations

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Sex Offenses |

Being placed on probation can be a great relief to anyone convicted of a crime stemming from sexual misconduct. Probation is typically preferred as it can shorten or eliminate jail or prison sentences and allow a person to stay in their community instead of behind bars.

However, this is not to say that probation is easy or should be taken lightly. People who are on probation are required to comply with strict guidelines and conditions of being in community control. Any violation — or even a perceived violation — could result in harsh penalties that could be worse than the penalties a person was originally facing.

If you have been placed on probation, you need to do things like comply with the law, check in regularly with a probation officer and pay any restitution that has been ordered by the courts. You may also be required to refrain from drinking or using drugs, get permission if you wish to leave Florida and stay away from certain places.

Failure to comply strictly with the terms of probation could get you in some serious trouble. According to state probation laws, the courts can issue a warrant for your arrest and you would have to appear before a judge to learn what (if any) penalties you are facing. This could include revocation or extension of probation. You may also face additional penalties for violating the terms of your original sentence and consequences like jail time and fines can be ordered.

There are times when a person violates probation unknowingly or does so because of extenuating circumstances. There are also cases where you may not believe you have violated your probation or you may think that a particular violation is immaterial and additional penalties are not necessary.

In any of these situations, it can be crucial that you protect yourself if you are accused of non-compliance. Working with your attorney can be crucial as you defend yourself and try to minimize your exposure to overly harsh or inappropriate penalties.