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The complexities responding to sexual assault allegations

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Sex Offenses |

Sexual assault allegations are among the most damaging criminal accusations that can be made. Even before a trial, a person can be painted as a dangerous predator and face devastating consequences as a result. You might lose your standing in the community; your relationships with loved ones can be destroyed; you can even be suspended from your job or school. 

Sadly, many of these things happen just because someone accused you of misconduct. No matter how much you deny it or try to defend yourself, you can wind up being guilty in the eyes of the public. This can be enormously upsetting, especially when it comes down to little more than one person’s word against another’s, but you do not have to go through this difficult time alone.

It seems almost inevitable that the media and members of the community will side with alleged victims when a claim of sexual assault or abuse has been made. They are the ones who come forward with a story and typically, their voices and accounts are the first to be heard.

Responding to these allegations can make a person sound defensive, cold or frantic because oftentimes, people are desperate to clear their names. It is only natural to want to set the record straight, but it can be much more delicate and difficult than you anticipate.

Being accused of sexual misconduct is undoubtedly one of the most precarious situations a person can be in. Because of the complexities associated with these types of allegations, it can be wise to have an attorney familiar with defending people against sex crimes by your side.

Our attorneys have this experience and we know that protecting your rights and defending your freedom are the top priorities. We also appreciate the fact that defending your reputation and setting the record straight are likely among your main goals. Working to identify a strategy that addresses all of these areas can be a crucial piece of your defense.

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