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Old drug connections, decisions can come back to haunt you

by | May 3, 2016 | Drug Trafficking |

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. These powerful addictions have a dramatic impact on a person’s lifestyle and decisions. For instance, people addicted to drugs like methamphetamine can easily find themselves manufacturing or selling the drug in order to support their habit.

These decisions have a considerable effect on a person’s health, safety and relationships, and often they can jeopardize a person’s freedom if they are arrested for a drug offense. Getting out of this situation and on the road to recovery is an incredible accomplishment that should not be overlooked. However, this too can be jeopardized when old behaviors and decisions come back to haunt you.

For instance, this NBC News report on the impact of mandatory minimums examined the situation of one man who was well into the recovery process when he was charged with drug trafficking. 

The man was arrested and charged based on the statements of two people he had once connected to a meth dealer. The two people had been arrested and were facing the serious penalties that come with drug crimes; in order to get a reduced sentence, they gave investigators the man’s name.

However, since the man made that connection, a lot had changed. He was sober, married, employed and running meetings for other recovering addicts. But two years wasn’t long enough to disconnect him from his past. He was arrested for drug distribution and ultimately sentenced to an incredible 10 years behind bars, thanks to mandatory minimums requirements.

Even the judge in this case stated that he felt the sentence was unfair and that, if he could, he would have certainly imposed a more appropriate sentence.

This brings us to the point we want to reiterate for anyone facing charges, even for offenses that happened a seemingly long time ago: Sentences for drug offenses can be incredibly harsh. This is true even if the offenses occurred a long time ago.

You cannot run away from drug charges and the possibility of severe penalties. However, you can deal with them with the help, guidance and support of an attorney experienced in defending people against drug crimes in Florida.