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Felony drug offenders in Florida get little help

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Drug Sales & Distribution |

There is no doubt that people convicted of a drug offense will face harsh penalties. This is true whether the offense was violent or non-violent and whether it was a person’s first or fifth offense.

Life doesn’t necessarily get easier for a person once he or she has fulfilled the terms of a punishment, either. There are many restrictions and obstacles a person can face if they have a felony drug conviction on their record, especially in Florida where there are some that most other states no longer observe. For instance, did you know that you are banned from receiving government nutrition assistance if you are a drug felon?

Banning drug felons from receiving government benefits including food stamps was originally started in the 1990s, but most states have overturned it. But as noted in this article, Florida is one of seven states that continue to have the ban in place.

This ban is upsetting for many reasons, but primarily it fuels a nasty cycle. People often find it incredibly difficult to find adequate employment after being convicted of a felony and incarcerated thanks to the background checks companies often do. Without a good job, people can be unable to support themselves and their families. If they can’t get the things they need, many people often resort to engaging in the same unlawful activities that got them in trouble in the first place.

The restrictions on food stamps and government assistance make it even more difficult for people to get back on their feet after a criminal conviction. Further, the state also has strict work requirements to qualify for aid.

The consequences of a drug conviction can be much harsher than people realize. Not only will a person face lengthy jail sentences and huge fines, he or she can also find that life after serving a sentence doesn’t get much easier. In order to avoid the various tolls a drug conviction can take on your life, it can be crucial that you work with an attorney to defend yourself against drug charges and consider options to minimize your exposure to the severe consequences you could be facing.