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Penalties are severe for prescription drug charges

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Drug Sales & Distribution |

When you hear the phrase “drug charges,” you probably conjure up images of the highest level narcotics and illegal substances. Heroin, cocaine, LSD: these are substances that have always ranked high on the list for the Drug Enforcement Agency, and when someone is caught in possession of these substances or caught selling these substances, the consequences can be quite severe.

But what you probably don’t consider when you hear the phrase “drug charges,” at least not at first, is the idea of prescription drugs. Possessing or distributing these prescription drugs can lead to many of the same punishing consequences as would be the case for possessing or distributing heroin or cocaine.

Prescription drugs are also under the national spotlight right now, as the opioid crisis continues to run rampant throughout the United States. That means many prescription drugs are being closely monitored in drug cases, such as Oxycodone, OcyContin, morphine, Adderall and Ritalin. Getting charged with a drug crime because you carry, possess or distribute prescription drugs can lead to the loss of your license, serious jail time, and many other penalties that could change your life and affect your ability to work.

Whether you are accused of drug crimes because of marijuana and other Schedule I substances or you are accused of these crimes due to prescription drugs, the need for a criminal defense lawyer is the same. You have rights in each situation, but you may not know exactly how to fully utilize those rights to protect yourself. Let the attorneys at Lindsey & Ferry help you in this regard.