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Woman allegedly framed in rape case

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Sex Offenses |

Criminal allegations involving rape are some of the most devastating charges that can be made against a person: His or her family, reputation, job, freedom and future can be destroyed with these accusations. Because of how se

Failure to investigate could ultimately mean the wrong person ends up facing severe punishment. That is what almost happened recently when a woman was accused of attempted rape and other charges.

The case involves two women who were involved with one man at different times. One was his ex-fiancée; the other is his wife. According to news reports, the wife called police saying she was almost raped by someone responding to an ad placed on Craigslist looking for participants in a “rape fantasy”.

The wife said she believed the ex-fiancée placed the ad, purportedly because of the ex’s history with her husband.

On the surface, it looked as though the wife’s story was true. Police looked at evidence, including emails, which made it appear as though the ex had been harassing the wife and placing the online ads.

However, eventually it was discovered that it was the wife who allegedly did all these things. She evidently utilized software to try and cover up her IP address to place the ad online, lied to police, committed forgery and even faked a pregnancy and cancer diagnosis all in an effort to frame the ex-fiancée. It is not yet reported why she would have gone to such extreme lengths to try and set up the ex.

Thankfully, investigators dug beneath the surface and were able to determine that the ex was not involved in the harassment or attempted rapes.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and people end up facing conviction on serious crimes they did not commit.


Considering all that is at stake in these cases, it is critical for anyone facing wrongful rape or sexual abuse allegations to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Clearing your name can be much more complicated than you realize, and you would be wise to use every tool at your disposal to do so.