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Charged with embezzlement? Here is what that means for you

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Blog |

Criminal charges are scary. You know that there is a lot at stake when you are facing any type of charge, and it can be useful to know what to expect in order to build an effective defense. This is also true of white-collar crimes, even though many people may underestimate the serious nature of these types of crimes.

Embezzlement is a type of white-collar crime, and if you face this particular charge, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. Embezzlement is a type of theft, and it also goes by the term of larceny. This crime usually occurs in a business setting.

What you need to know about embezzlement charges

If you are under investigation or need to know about what you are up against, you may need to know more about embezzlement. Typically considered a corporate crime, it is essentially making changes to financial records in order to conceal a theft. Here is what you need to know about this type of white-collar crime:

  • Often, people who commit embezzlement do so with property of which they actually have lawful possession. They then take the property and convert it for their personal use.
  • People charged with embezzlement are often those who have the job of managing, investing, monitoring and handling the money of others.
  • Misappropriation of physical assets may also fall under the category of embezzlement.

Anyone from a bank teller to a store clerk to a financial investor could face charges of embezzlement. However, in order to obtain a conviction, the prosecution must prove the following:

  • There was a relationship between the defendant and the other party.
  • Because of this relationship, the defendant was able to gain access to the money or assets in question.
  • There is proof that the defendant took the property, misappropriated or otherwise transferred the assets.
  • There is evidence of intentional wrongdoing.

This is a serious criminal charge, but it is possible to defend yourself. With the right help, you may be able to avoid a conviction and seek a beneficial outcome to your case.

Defending your future and freedom

You would be wise to take any type of criminal charge seriously. With guidance and a full understanding of your rights, you may build a defense uniquely suited to your needs and objectives. You may begin this process as soon as possible after your arrest in Florida or as soon as you learn that criminal charges could come in the near future.