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Man gets road rage, fires gun into other driver’s car

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Weapons Crimes |

Weapons are very powerful tools that are also a great responsibility. In a moment of aggravation, a weapon may be the last thing you should involve to handle your situation. A man from Jupiter recently found this out the hard way when he succumbed to a moment of road rage and fired a gun at another driver.

According to reports, the incident occurred after the man allegedly cut another driver off on the interstate. The conflict between the two drivers continued to build. Eventually, the other driver responded by passing the man on the right, pulling back in front and then brake-checking him. These tensions continued to rise until the first driver allegedly fired several rounds into the other vehicle.

The two drivers exited and pulled over, stepping out of their vehicles. Police reports indicate that one driver brandished a weapon. The two men then got back in their vehicles and drove toward the West Palm Beach Veteran’s Administration (VA) Medical Center, where they were greeted by a significant number of police officers.

It is never simple to override impulses driven by frustration and rage. Still, it is likely that all parties involved in this conflict would like to rewind time and do it all differently.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges because of an impulsive act, it is important to take steps to protect yourself and defend against those charges. We all make errors from time to time. Don’t let a foolish error cost you hefty fines or possibly years of your life in jail. An experienced lawyer can help defend your rights against unfair sentencing.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Latest: Jupiter man’s bond set at $7,500 after road rage shooting,” Kevin D. Thompson and Olivia Hitchcock, Aug. 19, 2017