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Understanding identity theft charges

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Blog |

Florida readers know identity theft is a type of white collar crime, and individuals convicted of this type of crime could face serious legal repercussions. If you find you are facing these charges, it can be helpful to understand more about these types of charges and how you can build a strong defense to shield your interests.

Some people underestimate the serious nature of a white collar crime, but these charges can bring life-altering penalties. If you are facing these charges, you would be prudent to act quickly to protect yourself and begin to develop your defense strategy. A conviction or entering a guilty plea are never your only options. Regardless of the nature of your case, you have the right to defense yourself against any type of criminal charge.

What counts as identity theft?

Identity theft is technically a type of fraud, and it involves taking and using another person’s information for financial gain. Identity theft occurs when a person takes either personal or financial information to do things such as open credit cards, take money and more. You may consider the following facts about this particular type of crime:

  • Identity theft often happens when a person takes personal information through stolen mail, lost wallets, misplaced credit cards or unlawful access to personal information.
  • Identity theft is a growing problem, and it is becoming easier to access important financial or personal information through the internet.
  • Identity theft is a federal crime, and several government agencies are involved with the investigation and prosecution of this type of crime.

The investigation stage of these types of cases can be lengthy. You do not have to wait until authorities file formal charges to seek help, but you can begin your defense as early as possible. If you believe you may be under investigation or you are facing serious charges, there is no time to lose in seeking appropriate guidance and support.

Protecting your future against white collar crime charges

White collar crime charges are serious, capable of inflicting serious consequences on your life. You are entitled to a defense, as well as a presumption of innocence, and you have the right to fight for a beneficial outcome to your case. You can protect your rights and your future interests by seeking help, starting with a complete evaluation of your case. You do not have to face identity theft charges alone or leave your personal freedom to chance.