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Taking a look at the ignition interlock device

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Have you ever gotten into someone’s car and watched the driver breathe into a device that is plugged into his or her dashboard? If so, you have witnessed the driver taking a Breathalyzer test before being allowed to drive. The device the driver used is called an ignition interlock device and it is a common item administered to people who are charged with driving under the influence in Orlando, Florida.

An ignition interlock device can be issued to a first-time offender or subsequent offender charged with DUI. This device determines whether or not the driver of the vehicle has too much alcohol in his or her system, which would prevent the car from starting. If the driver blows over the legal limit or cannot have any alcohol in their system, the device will ensure that the ignition does not activate.

The driver can blow into the device a second time after a determined period passes. If the device does not detect any alcohol the subsequent time, it will allow the vehicle’s ignition to activate, which means the driver will be able to operate the vehicle legally.

An ignition interlock device is a form of sentencing for DUI offenders. It can be used in place of issuing fines or jail time. It can also be used in congruence with sentencing involving fines and jail time. It is all up the judge who is presiding over the DUI case in Florida.

Being charged with DUI in Orlando does not have to mean the end of your freedom. It’s best to know the laws and sentence options around your case before mounting a defense.