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Protecting against identity theft in Florida

by | Jun 15, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

Today’s digital world makes it much easier for criminals to steal various facets of your personal information. With so much done on the internet criminals have new ways to prey on victims. Paying bills online, ordering food online, shopping online and social media accounts can all be hacked, leading to your personal information being stolen. Here’s how you can protect your identity so it is not stolen by criminals in Orlando.

All of your financial accounts should have fraud alerts activated. It doesn’t matter if you use online bill pay or any other digital feature. Fraud alerts are important because you will receive an email or text message from your financial company that holds your account if something out of the ordinary happens.

Make sure your computer is secure. Put software on it that scans websites for malware and other problems. Also make sure you do not let others use your computer, especially if you use it to access financial accounts online.

You need to monitor all of your accounts regularly. This means logging into them to check balances and transactions. Even if you haven’t used an account for months it can still be accessed by criminals and you might not even know it.

Put security freezes on your financial accounts. These freezes will automatically activate when a purchase attempt of a certain amount is made or if it occurs outside of a certain zip code you have set.

Identity theft is a serious crime that affects thousands of people every year. There are steps you can take to ensure your identity is not stolen in Orlando, Florida.