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How do I protect myself against credit card fraud?

by | Jul 7, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

Credit cards are an important part of everyday life in Orlando. People use them to purchase just about any product or service they desire. These cards are used so often that they become easy prey for thieves and fraudsters. So, how do you best protect yourself against credit card fraud?

You should never give someone your credit card information over the phone unless you called the company yourself. This ensures that the person you are giving the information will not steal it and charge purchases in your name.

Do not sign any receipt with blank spaces on it. These receipts are typically found in restaurants where a line is kept empty for you to enter a tip. If you are not leaving a tip on the card you should draw a line through the area that is blank so no one can write in an amount of their choosing.

Never leave a register or place of business without your credit card. You never know if it has been copied or if a picture has been taken of it. Keep your eyes on the credit card from the minute you hand it to someone to the minute they hand it back to you.

Always save your receipts so you can compare them to the amounts that post to your statements. This helps you spot possible fraud committed against your account. You should also sign up for any and all alerts provided by your credit card company.

Protecting yourself against credit card fraud is a task that you should take seriously in Orlando. Don’t let anyone try to fool you into giving out your information, which is the most common way thieves steal your credit card information.