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Facing weapons charges? Think about your defense!

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Weapons Crimes |

Many people think that they need to carry a weapon for personal protection. This is perfectly understandable, but you must ensure that you are following the law so that you don’t face criminal charges for carrying the weapon. We know that this is a difficult spot to be placed in, especially when you thought you were doing things within the bounds of the law.

When you do find out that you are facing weapons charges, there are some things that you need to think about. The top priority has to be making sure that you have your defense strategy moving forward. You don’t want to show up to court and have to try to come up with a plan to address what is going on. We can work with you to outline your defense so that you can move forward with everything one step at a time.

Another thing to think about is how these charges will impact your future. There is a chance that you may lose your job over them. Some employers don’t want employees who have any sort of legal troubles. Plus, with the time that you might have to take off to deal with the court appearances and similar points, your employer may not be willing to keep you on the schedule.

The impacts can get even harder to deal with if you are convicted. You can lose some rights that you’ve enjoyed your entire life. For example, you might not be able to legally own a firearm any longer. We know this can dramatically change your life. We are here to work on your defense with you to combat this charge.