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Brandishing weapons is an illegal act that can lead to charges

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Weapons Crimes |

A person who is licensed to carry a concealed pistol has to be aware of the laws surrounding this privilege. Having any missteps related to the firearm can mean that you lose your license and that you might face criminal charges. These can negatively impact your future, so you have to ensure that you don’t have any issues. If you do have a problem, addressing it swiftly becomes a priority.

One particular issue that people tend to forget is that the purpose of the concealed carry license is so that you can carry a firearm without anyone knowing. Some people tend to get brave about carrying and might do things that could clue others into the fact that you have the gun. While some actions aren’t a big deal, there are some that are construed as brandishing a weapon.

Brandishing a weapon means showing it in a threatening manner, but this doesn’t mean that you have to unholster the gun. Instead, you can be accused of brandishing if you put your hand on the gun while you are referring to doing something to someone. The perception of threat and your intention to do so play important roles in these charges.

Anyone who is facing charges for this should ensure that they know what rights they have. They also need to explore the possible defense options present in the case. Putting together a defense strategy can be a complicated matter, so it is best to work with someone who is familiar with the circumstances and the laws that apply. Ideally, you will work closely with them on this so you can have your plan in place before your trial.