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February 2016 Archives

The complexities responding to sexual assault allegations

Sexual assault allegations are among the most damaging criminal accusations that can be made. Even before a trial, a person can be painted as a dangerous predator and face devastating consequences as a result. You might lose your standing in the community; your relationships with loved ones can be destroyed; you can even be suspended from your job or school. 

Challenging testimony of a witness with something to gain crucial

If you have been charged with a drug crime or arrested for a drug-related offense, the authorities and prosecutors will be busy using whatever resources they have to build a case against you. They will likely seek phone records, search your home and question your loved ones in an effort to link you to violations of drug laws.

The dangers of sexting for teens

Parents of teenagers have enough to worry about when it comes to their children's safety. This anxiety may increase ten-fold when their child starts driving. But with all the statistics detailing how young drivers are at risk of being in accidents, there is a growing concern with how young people use smartphones to communicate.

When talking to police, consult an attorney and get some rest

Police officers are trained and experienced in talking to people suspected of a crime. Individuals, however, typically don't have a lot of experience in being suspected of a crime. This creates a considerable imbalance of power when police question a person. Because of this, every person has the right to not say anything to police until they speak with an attorney.

The slippery slope of a drug crime conviction

The environment surrounding drug crimes and enforcement has been something of a volatile one in recent years. Between the cultural shifts in how people think about drugs like marijuana and claims of biased, overzealous enforcement efforts, the debate about drug laws is full of gray areas.

The trauma of a false assault allegation on students

Sexual assault is certainly a troubling issue, and one that has been discussed and debated at length in the college environment. In recent years, it seems more and more people are coming forward to report such incidents at school. At the same time, unfortunately, reports about shoddy investigation practices and unfairly harsh penalties have also come to light.

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