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Teacher found not guilty of sex crimes supports classroom cameras

by | May 6, 2016 | Sex Offenses |

Allegations of sexual misconduct are among the most devastating that a person in the field of education can face. People in these positions can face escalated charges and harsher sentences for a conviction, and the fact is the public is quick to lash out against a teacher or other school worker accused of a sex crime.

This is why it is particularly traumatic for someone in this position to be wrongfully accused crimes including sexual assault. In order to stop this from happening, some people are supporting controversial means of protecting teachers and students. 

For instance, one man is imploring officials in his home state to consider putting surveillance cameras inside classrooms. His suggestion was made in a public statement after he was found not guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault.

According to news reports, several of his students accused him of sexual assault. In all, he faced a whopping 24 counts. However, half of those charges were thrown out by the courts. Later, a jury unanimously found him not guilty of the remaining 12 counts.

Still, his life was not the same after the allegations, despite the fact that he was found not guilty. He announced that he will no longer be working in education and said that the loss and damage he has suffered will take a lifetime to repair.

Considering all he had been through, it is not surprising that he believes schools should have surveillance cameras installed in classrooms. He argues that doing so could protect not only the children, but also teachers who could have their careers, reputations and lives destroyed by false abuse allegations. The now-former teacher’s situation is sadly not uncommon, and he says that cameras could protect other teachers wrongfully accused of misconduct.

What do you think? Would you support the installation of cameras in school? Do you think doing so could stop false sexual assault allegations involving teachers and students?