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by | Oct 26, 2016 | Sex Offenses |

Sex crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses in our justice system.The people who are accused of these crimes stand to lose a lot. Their livelihoods and, indeed, their futures are on the line. Alleging such crimes against someone is also a very serious matter, and given the perverse and outrageous nature of such an alleged act, it is no surprise that sex crimes are treated so seriously.

What we as a society can’t underestimate or mitigate in these cases though is the need for the circumstances and evidence in the case to be correct. Sex crimes involve a wide array of potential offenses — from prostitution and solicitation, to child pornography, to rape and sexual assault — and no matter what the circumstances are, they need to be thoroughly investigated and vetted.

Given how punishing a sex crime can be for the accused, it is simply due diligence for this to occur. The accused is innocent until proven guilty, after all. We aren’t trying to minimize a sex crime victim’s role or story by saying that — it is simply a fact. Even those who are accused of heinous crimes are still innocent until they are proven guilty.

At Lindsey & Ferry, P.A., we will investigate the claims and circumstances of a sex crime on behalf of  the accused and work with them to help them defend their side of the case. As we mentioned above, these are serious crimes. They should be met with a serious defense.