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Prescription drugs can trigger criminal charges too

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Drug Trafficking |

Drug charges are very serious. The people accused of these crimes are placed in a very difficult situation, because if they are convicted of what they are accused of, their lives will change forever. They may not be able to retain their driver’s license, or obtain professional certifications, or receive approval from landlords to live in certain areas, or even retain or find new jobs. A criminal conviction is a massive blow to anyone, especially if the conviction is centered on drug charges.

What makes this reality even more unfortunate is that prescription drugs are part of the world of drug crimes. At a time in our society when prescription drugs are heavily pushed on the public through extensive and aggressive advertising, our criminal justice system aims to punish those who use or distribute these drugs illegally. 

Now, we certainly be allowing these substances to freely flow through our streets. But there is certainly a contradictory factor here when prescription drugs are heavily advertised, but also cause extensive punishment when abused.

There can even be cases where people who are prescribed a drug are accused of abusing or distributing the drug — even if that isn’t what happened, or was intended to happen. These cases can lead to those unfortunate effects that we mentioned in the first paragraph.

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