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New drug emerges in Florida

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Drug Trafficking |

One of the cliches about drugs and the war on drugs is the fear that the media and lawmakers generate when they discuss certain drugs. While there is certainly an abusive and seedy element to drugs, the way drugs are depicted makes it seem as though the world will end if we continue to let these drugs exist and be used by people.

In nearly every way, drugs certainly aren’t helpful or beneficial. However, people who use them or sell them don’t deserve to suffer excessive punishment because of a societal perception that was grown over time by fear. Our source article today is an example of this cliche. 

According to a local news report, there is a new drug that has deadly potential. It is called “U-4” and the Drug Enforcement Agency says it has not been studied for human use. It was apparently originally discovered in March in Ohio. Apparently nine people have died using U-4 in Florida. U-4 is an opioid and law enforcement says they are taking the emergence of this new drug very seriously.

And as they should. But the fear this story is garnering about a new substance is only going to make it more difficult to properly apply consequences to people who are accused of selling or possessing this substance. The perception now is that U-4 is one of the worst drugs out there — and, so this line of thinking would continue, thus sellers and users should receive the most severe punishment. We must proceed with caution with any drug, and people who are accused of drug crimes need to get an attorney to defend their rights.

Source: FOX 4, “New deadly drug on local law enforcement’s radar, U-4 kills 9 in Florida,” Michelle Quesada, Nov. 1, 2016