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Sex crime investigations can be botched

by | Jan 7, 2017 | Sex Offenses |

No one can talk about sex offenses and sexually-based crimes without acknowledging the severity of the incident in question. The victim has been harmed and is dealing with some serious trauma. The accused is in a very difficult legal situation, one that could put him or her behind bars and living with severe punishment for years afterwards. The incident itself is wrought with emotional anguish and despicable acts. These area things that are simply part of any case involving a sexually-based crime.

At the same time, the assumed innocence of the accused until he or she is proven guilty is also an inherent aspect to these cases, and any criminal case.

Anyone accused of a sex crime needs to get an attorney as soon as possible so that their case is fully investigated and to ensure their rights are protected. Sexually-based crimes, even with their severity, can be botched by the police and prosecution. Were any statements exaggerated by the victim or coerced out of witnesses? Did the police follow proper protocol during their investigation? Was the evidence handled properly throughout the case?

These are just a few of the possible improprieties or errors that could occur during an investigation into any crime, let alone a sexually-based crime.

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