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A world without internet is impossible to imagine now

by | Feb 19, 2017 | Sex Offenses |

The internet has become a fundamental element of everyday life, so much so that it is hard to remember life without it. How did you meet up with friends before you had cellphones and texting connected on a 4G or WiFi network? Where did you get your information before there was Wikipedia and Google? How did you stay in touch with your friends and family that lived so far away?

Obviously there are legitimate answers to those questions — but what we’re saying here is that the internet has made things much easier, to the point that it is impossible to separate the internet from the real world.

We also bring all of this up to highlight the fact that internet laws and the crimes that can be committed over the internet are still evolving, and they likely always will. For example, two decades ago there were no such thing as internet crimes. Online solicitation wasn’t “a thing.” People couldn’t store sexually-charged and illegal images online.

But now, all of that is possible. People who are accused of these crimes face some of the most extreme punishment available under state and federal laws. Their lives can be ruined by these types of charges. So when the authorities do charge someone with online solicitation or child pornography, they better follow the law and have evidence because people’s lives are at stake.

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