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Analyzing solicitation charges in a criminal context

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Sex Offenses |

Solicitation in a criminal context means that you declare your intent to do something. You may encourage or demand that a certain criminal act is done. This constitutes solicitation, and you often hear it used in the context of a prostitution charge. Solicitation is also used in the context of online solicitation.

So what does this charge mean in terms of legal procedures? Well, in order to prove that an accused person is guilty of solicitation, the prosecution has to establish that you asked someone to engage in or perform the criminal act and that you had the intent to follow through on the criminal act. The second point is an important one, because it means an additional two things:

  • First, that you need not actually commit the crime you allegedly solicited to be found guilty of solicitation. They just need to prove that you intended to do so.
  • Second, since proving intent is a difficult task, it is very possible to successfully defend a solicitation charge.

If you have been charged with solicitation — may it be prostitution or online solicitation — then you need to get a criminal defense attorney to help you through the legal process. The punishment associated with this crime is extensive, and you need to meet that potential threat with an equally powerful legal force.

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