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Man may face charges after accidentally shooting himself

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Weapons Crimes |

Sometimes, no one plays you like you play yourself. In a particularly unfortunate circumstance, you may face criminal charges after suffering self-inflicted injuries, like a man in Jacksonville did recently. It is in these moments that having an attorney to fight for your rights and protect you from your own actions is particularly useful — otherwise you may suffer insult, injury and legal consequences.

The man was admitted to a hospital after he reportedly sat down on a gun that was lying in the driver’s seat of his car. In a twist that very few screenwriters could justify in a Hollywood crime caper, the gun discharged, striking him in the penis, causing unspecified harm.

Police arrived to assess the situation after the hospital reported the shooting, and found that the man had prior drug-related convictions. Unfortunately, this may lead to the man facing charges for unlawfully possessing the gun that might have altered his storyline radically and permanently. The harsh truth is that the law does not always accommodate a person’s bad luck and give them a free pass for breaking the law simply because they suffered harm.

While very few of us ever make such a surprising and devastating error, we all make mistakes sooner or later, and one of those may eventually lead to trouble with the law. If you recently received charges involving firearms, it is important to examine your options for defending against the charges and protecting your future. An experienced attorney can help you understand your options and identify a strong strategy to protect you from the charges.

Source: Jacksonville Patch, “Florida Man’s Penis Shot Could Land Him In Jail: Report,” Sherri Lonon, July 01, 2017