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Local man allegedly had guns, pictures of schools

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Weapons Crimes |

Our rights to own weapons for self defense or recreation is an important freedom that we enjoy here in the United States, but challenges to that freedom exist everywhere. If you face criminal charges related to owning weapons, it is very important that you seek out proper legal guidance to help you fight these charges. Often, the result of a single weapons charge can have far reaching implications for the local community of gun owners, so it is always important to fight for your rights to maintain your firearms.

Such complications could arise in the aftermath of an case that is still playing out here in Orlando, where local law enforcement are still working through the moving parts of a complicated scene of firearms and other alleged contraband materials in the living space of a local man. Some of the alleged evidence suggests that the man may have been working on plans to carry out some sort of public attack.

The possibility of some sort of attack is primarily derived from alleged presence of aerial pictures of local schools and water services. Of course, there are many ways that one might interpret the findings at the scene. Law enforcement may very well misinterpret the elements of a scene and violate your rights unfairly.

If you face weapons charges, especially if there are other complicating factors like this case, you need a strong legal defense. Often, the strongest way to build a defense is with the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help you protect your rights and priorities through to the case’s resolution.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Child-porn raid reveals stash of guns, ammunition, aerial photos of schools, note vowing ‘bloody revenge’: report,” Associated Press, Oct. 20, 2017