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Country music singer arrested for DUI in drive-through

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

When a person makes a mistake, it is important to face one’s community and make amends, in addition to facing any resulting legal consequences. While determining the most effective way to address a particular community may take some careful consideration, not everyone understands just how valuable a well-timed and executed public apology is.

Recently, country music celebrity Michael Ray received DUI charges after running into the vehicle in front of his in a McDonalds drive-through. When questioned by authorities at the scene, reports claim Ray acted as though he was intoxicated, displaying difficulty walking or standing and slurring his speech. When asked, he indicated that he was just coming from a nearby bar. In response to the incident, the local celebrity issued a statement apologizing for his actions and hoping to rebuild trust within his community and fanbase.

For individuals who face this kind of scenario, it is difficult to know how to respond, especially if the evidence against them seems pretty airtight. In these instances, it is important to consider how a well-thought out apology may improve your standing, both in the eyes of the community and the eyes of the court.

Public apologies are complicated, and may actually compromise your legal options to defend yourself in some cases. An experienced attorney can provide advice and guidance before you go about making a public apology of your own. You certainly don’t want to accidentally incriminate yourself further. With proper legal counsel, you can consider all the options you have to defend yourself legally and while making amends with those you disappointed, including yourself.

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