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Gun laws may soon change significantly

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Weapons Crimes |

Part of responsible gun ownership is understanding the numerous regulations that federal and state governments maintain for firearms. This is particularly important these days, as gun laws are once again being hotly debated, and the country may soon see sweeping reforms.

While the prospect of gun law reform is always present, surprising comments by President Trump during a bipartisan meeting on gun control shocked both gun control advocates and Second Amendment supporters. Although he has since significantly walked back his initial statement, Trump first indicated that he was amenable to some radical changes to the law.

While the possibility of outlawing bump-stock peripherals has seen heavy rotation for several months, the Trump’s remarks during the meeting also sunk hopes for a key goal of the National Rifle Association, for gun owners to finally obtain conceal carry permits that allow them to cross state lines while carrying. He also made remarks that indicated a push to raise the legal age of gun ownership to 21 and even suggested foregoing due process to take weapons from certain allegedly high-risk individuals.

While these potential legislative measures continue to be points of contention on both sides of the aisle, the implication is clear. Gun laws are by no means static, and lawful gun possession now requires ongoing familiarity with regulations that may change very quickly. Those who do not keep themselves well-informed may soon face serious weapons charges if they violate a low they do not realize has changed.

If you face weapons charges of any kind, it is important to build a strong defense as soon as you can. The more quickly you respond to the charges and build your defense, the more time you have to review the evidence against you and identify strategies you can use to protect your rights and freedoms.

Source: The New York Times, “Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Comprehensive Gun Control,” Michael D. Shear, Feb. 28, 2018