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Discussing the types of assault crimes in Florida

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Weapons Crimes |

Crimes occur all across Florida often and without warning. Many of these crimes fall into the category of assault. Assault can happen to anyone at anytime. These crimes can cause injuries to victims that can range in severity from minor to severe. Assaults fall into a wide range of categories.

The lowest type of assault is known as simple assault. This is when the crime committed does not involve a weapon. The assault also didn’t cause serious injuries to the victim of the crime.

Verbal assault is a form of assault that does not use physical violence. Instead, the actions of the perpetrator come from the words he or she says. This type of assault can cause the victim emotional distress, depression, anxiety, pain and many other psychological issues.

Aggravated assault is a crime where the attacker uses a weapon or inflicts an increased amount of force during the commission of the crime. Aggravated assault typically causes very serious injuries to the victim.

Felonious assault is the most serious type of assault in Florida. This crime occurs when a weapon is used and the victim suffers an injury that requires medical attention. This crime can occur even if violence isn’t present but there is a weapon brandished.

Sexual assault is a crime in which the perpetrator uses force against the victim for rape, sodomy, molestation or any other type of sexual act.

Understanding the different types of assault in Orlando can make it easier to defend your case if you are facing criminal charges. If you are facing charges, it’s best to conduct research into the charges before making any decisions about entering a plea.