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Alcohol addiction can lead to drunk driving

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

People often act like those who drive under the influence are choosing to do so without any outside factors that play a role in their decisions. The reality, though, is that addiction can be a significant factor that may even lead them to make choices that they know are dangerous and that they later regret.

Addiction experts note that driving under the influence absolutely “may be [a] symptom of an alcohol addiction.” It means that the person’s drinking has a hold on their life that they cannot shake, and they are starting to make hazardous choices while in the grip of that addiction.

For instance, someone who runs out of alcohol at the house and knows they need more due to the addiction may then attempt to drive to the store, even knowing the risks. This doesn’t make it a safe choice or a wise decision, but it helps show why it happens and how they feel like they can’t avoid it.

Experts also note that getting a DUI conviction and then drinking in spite of it, or serving time behind bars after a DUI and then continuing to drink, could also show that someone is dealing with addiction. Remember, it is a disease and medical treatment may be needed to break its hold. Without that treatment, the person may continue to make these types of choices, whether they want to or not. The disease strips them of that choice.

It is important for those facing charges to understand all the potential options they have, especially when it seems clear that rehab and medical treatment may do far more good than fines and jail time.