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Facing fraud charges? Your future is on the line

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Accusations of white collar criminal activity are serious. Even the suggestion of financial crimes can be enough to ruin your reputation, compromise your future career opportunities and bring other implications to your life. If you are facing charges or are under investigation for any type of fraud, it is in your interests to act immediately to start developing an effective defense strategy.

Fraud is a type of financially motivated crime that involves using deception and other means to take money. In common vernacular, people often call committing fraud “swindling.” There are both Florida laws and federal statutes in place against fraud, and if convicted, you could face serious, life-altering repercussions, including extensive time behind bars.

Understanding types of fraud charges

Fraud usually involves misrepresenting facts or lying in order to gain access to important information or money. Through various deceptive means, a person uses different types of fraud for his or her personal gain or to gain a financial advantage. There are many different types of fraud, including:

  • Fraud through telemarketing schemes
  • Identity theft
  • Tax evasion
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Fraud involving credit or debit cards
  • Mail fraud
  • Insurance fraud 

In order to prove fraud, the prosecution must present evidence that you committed certain actions and elements that prove fraud beyond a reasonable doubt. There must also be clear evidence that the alleged victim suffered some type of financial harm. It is not always easy to investigate these cases and gather sufficient evidence, but that does not mean you should not take your case seriously.

Your defense strategy may start with a complete evaluation of the case against you. No matter how strong the case brought by the prosecution may seem, you have the right to fight the charges against you, bring evidence for the benefit of your defense and pursue a beneficial outcome for your situation.

Your future is worth fighting for 

Fraud charges are serious, but you do not have to face them alone. You may benefit significantly from having the assistance and counsel of an experienced Florida defense attorney who can help you understand the charges you are facing and your specific legal options.

There is a lot at stake, but your future and your personal freedoms are worth fighting for. It is never too early or too late in the case to start considering how you can shield your interests. You can get started as soon as you learn that you are under investigation or after there are already formal fraud charges against you.