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Defending the futures of students accused of crimes

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When a Florida student is facing accusations of criminal activity, this is more than just a minor inconvenience or unfortunate situation. Violations of school rules or even formal criminal charges can affect your future or the future for your child. It’s smart to take this seriously and begin working on a practical defense strategy.

Most schools have codes of conduct that outline expectations for student behavior. When a student breaks a rule, it may not seem like a big deal, but this can lead to expulsion, suspension, loss of scholarships and more. It is especially serious when these matters also involve criminal charges or the potential for charges. You can fight for your long-term interests or your child’s interests by seeking defense help as soon as possible.

Common types of infractions

Every school is different, and the rules may differ from place to place. However, any violation of a code of conduct or any arrest can have a direct impact on your ability to remain in school and continue your education. It’s important to fight back against any threat to your education because a criminal conviction, expulsion or suspension can all leave a permanent mark on your future opportunities. The most common types of infractions and violations include: 

  • Using profane language or making ethnically offensive statements
  • Stealing from another student or the school
  • Plagiarizing or cheating
  • Fighting or threatening the safety of another student
  • Destruction of school property
  • Possession of pornographic material
  • Gambling on school property 

These are only a few examples of the things that could get you in trouble with your school. However, most schools have rules that take a strong position against more serious things, such as sexual assault, violence against another student or possession of illegal drugs. These are things that are much more serious than a simple rule violation – they can lead to time behind bars and other penalties that can change the course of your life

Defending your future starts now

If you or your child are facing the possibility of expulsion or even a criminal conviction, the time to act is now. There is significant benefit in working with an attorney who understands how to protect your rights and help you fight for a positive outcome to your case. There is a lot at stake, but with the right help, you can fight to preserve your long-term interests and your ability to continue with your educational plans.