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Online white collar crimes can lead to criminal charges

by | Jun 7, 2019 | White Collar Crimes |

Some white collar crimes don’t occur in person. Instead, they happen online. This doesn’t make them any less serious. Facing any white collar crime, regardless of the location of the crime, requires that you learn about your defense options.

When you think about online white collar crimes, you might not be fully sure of what these might entail. One of the most common types of this crime occurs when people try to scam others out of money by selling items that don’t exist, as well as selling counterfeit merchandise. Problems with the delivery of merchandise or the purchase make up about one-third of all online white collar complaints.

Another issue that can come up is internet auction fraud. This accounts for around one-fourth of the crimes. It occurs when any part of the online auction isn’t on the up-and-up. For example, if a seller says they have an item but don’t actually have it. It can also occur if the items are misrepresented, such as counterfeit merchandise.

It is also possible to face a criminal charge if there is any credit or debit card fraud. These crimes account for around 9 percent of the white collar crime charges.

As you can imagine, developing a defense for each of these types of crimes will vary. You must look at what is possible in your case and never try to base your decision on any other case. The goal of your defense is to make the jury question whether you did the crime or not. Since they must convict you beyond a reasonable doubt, you can try to introduce some doubt about the claims.